Clickable prototype. Starting project is hard. Let alone the fact that it’s quarantine & major financial crisis. Million-dollar, Eureka-worthy ideas come to everyone. But as a rule, many people don’t know where to start. At first, you face all the following questions whenever you have your aha-moment.

How to Create a Prototype for Your Design Project?

  1. How do you know your idea is viable?
  2. What value does my app bring?
  3. How do I build the basic logic & structure of the app?

When you only start out, it’s crucial to get all these questions right. If you don’t spend enough time planning – you might create another mediocre product, that nobody uses.

What’s a clickable prototype?

It’s an interactive UI prototype for your mobile, desktop & web app. It’s not the final version of how your app looks, but it gives a good idea.A prototype is functional, which means – it show its main working mechanism.

Stage 1. Analysis

You will have a call with our Business Analyst. We will discuss your idea, make sure we’re on the same page. Our Business Analyst Svitlana will think through your idea. She will research the market, help you define your audience, your app’s unique value, user stories & offer her suggestions and insights. It’s as ‘lean’ as it gets.

Stage 2. App Structure & Logic

Together with our ingenious designer, Business Analyst will think through the basic logic of the app, its workflow & how users will engage with it.

Stage 3. Prototyping

Fulcrum designer creates an intuitive design for your app (5 screens). We prepare a clickable prototype that you can pitch to investors right at that moment. The price of this mini-service clocks up to just $495. Meanwhile, this week we will also choose an idea that we really like & create a prototype for free.