Education App Design. The new era of online education has started. Isn’t it a good time to release your education app designed with the latest trends?

The online education market worldwide is expected to outperform $243B by 2022 (according to Statista). The number of education mobile apps comes to 600K – 470M on App Store and 466M  on Google Play. This number means that a wise investor should pay attention to developing an e-learning platform with an overwhelming education app design.

Electronic gadgets, as tablets, smartphones, are not considered distractors, cheat, and addictive devices anymore. This opens up awesome opportunities for self-education, development of the new teaching methods, and fast gaining skills and knowledge.


Functional elements of the education app with innovative UI design

You’d be surprised to see how many edtech apps exist:

  • supportive apps;
  • education online games;
  • education apps for kids and adults;
  • multipurpose e-learning platforms;
  • e-learning apps for specific subjects.

Developing your app for e-learning, you should consider the main trends in education nowadays:

  1. Video content is a must-have in the training platforms. What are the top social media for today? It’s not Facebook with text posts, it’s video content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Primarily, everyone is looking for entertaining content, but the trend spreads on the education market also.
  2. Gamification and training in a gaming format. Everybody used to take this approach to children but it works great for adults. Education apps, created with the game in mind, guarantee a high level of interaction and good reviews.
  3. Microteaching. It’s time to use small text, infographics, short videos, or other visual materials. Keep this in mind, designing your education app.
  4. The essential role of the teachers’ quality and certifying organizations. It means providers of educational courses and learning services will have to choose teachers more carefully and take care of their reputation.
  5. Increasing interest in virtual and 3D reality. Now, VR technologies have become more available, they're being actively used to study historical events, train doctors, etc. Such a method provides complete absorption in the learning process at an emotional level.
  6. Mobile learning is the new norm.
  7. Flexible and rewarding personalized learning

But the variety of learning applications do not necessarily guarantee you high quality. The first generation of mobile learning apps has shown there’s a vast area for improvement. So let these insights guide you through the education app development process.

Education App Design Trends 2021
Education App Design Trends 2021

Here are the UI app challenges

To maximize the use and effectiveness of an app, your product team or UX designer must aim toward the needs and expectations of students. Making the design appealing to students, an app must be created with several things in mind:

  • Making the app easy to navigate.
  • Creating a design that’s unique, eye-catching, and attractive.
  • Creating an app that evokes playful and happy emotions, as well as a sense of accomplishment.
  • Providing continuous feedback that keeps the users engaged and encouraged.
  • Appropriately targeting the app to the age group it’s intended for.
  • Apps should meet the specific needs of individual learners
  • Providing audio-visual presentations

Educational app features

Let’s suppose you’re determined to make an educational app and have already chosen its type. Now it's time to think about the features of your mobile service.Therefore, create an educational app considering these factors:

User profile

Of course, every user of your application must have his profile, where information on him and his success in learning will be kept. We advise you to provide the simplest system of registration.

User profile in DOIT project

Social network integration

Today it’s impossible to imagine a mobile app without the implementation of such a feature. It has several tasks, namely - to allow the user to: register/sign in in the app with a few clicks by a social network profile; share his achievements with friends and on social networks.

Making interaction with friends

If your app becomes popular, you can turn it into a kind of miniature social network with the ability to add friends, communicate, share successes.

Push notifications

This is another mandatory feature of the modern mobile app. Push notifications are an unobtrusive way to remind oneself and increase the user engagement factor. What should you notify about? There are a lot of occasions: prolonged non-use of the application, the opportunity to get a discount, new interesting features, etc…


Reviews are sometimes negative and even aggressive, but they are also a great way to improve your application following the wishes of your users. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

Scheduling system

Effective learning involves a systematic approach. Therefore, consider a convenient scheduling system when thinking of how to build an educational app. Break the learning process into a few logical levels and give the user a tool to plan his training.

Search system

The feature will help the user navigate within the application easily and find the information he needs without unnecessary efforts. And the faster the user gets the desired result, the better the chances that he’ll keep your educational application.

Of course, this is only a shortlist of educational app features. You can expand and supplement the functionality of your program at your discretion.

Education App Design Examples

Let’s switch from the theory to the awesome released apps’ examples.

Kör, first-ever educational platform for drivers in Norway

Kör, first-ever educational platform for drivers in Norway
Kör, first-ever educational platform for drivers in Norway

In a nutshell, Kör is the first digital school for drivers. It was developed and designed by Fulcrum. The platform lets users book driving programs and lessons online, keeps track of their progress, and allows family and friends to be involved in the process. So, when Kör Teknologi AS decided to build their first educational platform for Norwegian drivers, they decided tp cooperate with experienced Fulcrum team for the product’s development.

Their main goal was to create MVP (Minimum Viable Product), then go to users with the real app and test it. To define the product’s business goals and vision, Fulcrum started with the Discovery service.

And no matter how progressive the app’s content and idea are, its success depends on UI/UX of the app. How to find it? Appealing design based on research. Our designers know how to create a winning UI for your project. UI Design includes many elements.

Fulcrum developers have chosen the Monolith development, because of the small number of users and the app’s load wasn’t high. For non-high loads, Monolith is a perfect solution. Furthermore, Monolith development and maintenance costs are much lower and the processes are easier.

Finally, the app has the next features:

  • progress tracking progress tracking;
  • setting up own calendar;
  • view trip report;
  • lesson types;
  • in-app payment system;
  • location tracking;
  • taking a companion friend for a ride;
  • lesson selection algorithm.

As a result, the team has got an awesome client’s review:

“Internal stakeholders and users alike are impressed with Fulcrum’s deliverables, citing their efficiency and noteworthy quality. Throughout the project, the team has been professional, collaborative, and dedicated, ensuring a smooth and successful engagement.”

VUC^it – digital coach for employees

VUC^it digital coach for employees, education app design by Fulcrum.

VUC^it is a digital coach that strengthens your social, emotional and creative skills to master remote work. Based on users’ onboarding and testing, it offers you personalized tasks & challenges to achieve progress faster.


DoIt is an adaptive platform for learning. It features various assignments for corporate employees who want to improve.

DOIT education app design by Fulcrum Rocks

Read more: DoiT Case: How We Created an E-learning Website that Helps Employees Train Soft Skills

Nature Encyclopedia App

Nature Encyclopedia App is an education mobile app developed to explore nature. To stand out from the other similar platforms designers have chosen a trendy dark mode. Because black design keeps the user’s focus on the content, making it more captivating. It also helps create a higher contrast ratio and makes users focused on content.

Nature Encyclopedia App
Nature Encyclopedia App

However, this will work only if you get your black color scheme just right. White and black, yellow and black, or green and black are good choices for an effective color scheme.


Who doesn’t love learning something new every day? For those of us who dream of being professional students without paying the high prices or being locked in the library, the Coursera app is for you. The design smooth and simple, like navigating through a well-organized syllabus, you’ll see there are thousands upon thousands of courses that will interest you–from photography on iPhone to business management–and there are also certificate and degree programs as well. This is by far the best app design for higher learning.

More education app design examples:

Educational app for professionals.

Educational app for professionals
Educational app for professionals

Courses App

Courses App design example
Courses App

Online School-Q App

Courses App

Yellow education app design with flowers and animals

Educational app

Educational app
Educational app

Design Learning Platform App // Concept

Online Courses Mobile App
Online Courses Mobile App

Online Courses Mobile App

English Learning Ios App Design

eLearning Educational Platform

Art School Lessons App

Art School Lessons App
Art School Lessons App

How to choose a reliable web design agency to cooperate with?

These factors you’d pay attention to first of all:

  • Turnkey solutions. There is no point in hiring several teams to create an educational app. Find a company that offers a full range of desired services.
  • Work examples. Analyze the team's portfolio. Do they have enough experience in educational app development?
  • Reasonable prices. Of course, educational application development cannot be cheap, but a high price doesn’t always lead to high quality. Find the golden mean!

Improving and growing your business through mobile applications will be time-consuming, and intimidating. So, it’s really important to find a reliable and experienced technology partner.Nobody uses mediocre apps. So, Fulcrum builds products that make this world better and more comfortable. Here’s how they do it. To make sure of this, take a look at their education app with innovative UI design portfolio.

To Sum Up

There has never been a one-size-fits-all approach to education and learning. Nor is there a universal technology pill to make us smart overnight. Learning is a lifelong path we take only to discover our ignorance at the end of the journey. Let’s build the tools to make the journey enjoyable! Share your idea of developing an educational app in the comments.

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FAQ: Education App Design

How does learning apps differ from other mobile apps? 

The mobile apps that we use are intended to accomplish specific tasks. These tasks are usually transactional, and apps add a layer of virtual ease for users. Most mobile apps are standalone applications complete in themselves. Learning apps, on the contrary, are meant for targeted education, focused behavioral change, and enhancement of skills. Learning apps are developed specifically for all such training purposes and tie-in closely with well-defined learning objectives. A learning app, most likely, is one of the components within a structured learning program. You will typically subscribe to a learning app yourself or be asked by your employer to be a part of learning programs by installing a learning app.

How can I monetize service-learning apps?

All sorts of good educational apps have taken the first lines in the App Store and Google Play. The following infographics are the best proof of these words:

Subscription: This seems to be the more popular way of monetizing an app, with a large number of apps using this model. During the education app development, you may want users to pay monthly or yearly subscription to gain access to the program.

Free trial: This educational app development feature involves offering your full range of content for a limited period. This model is best for service-focused programs and allows brands to earn revenue regularly.

Freemium: This educational app option includes limited access to content available to a user unless they subscribe to a payment plan. This mobile app business model helps to amass a large user base fast. It also unveils your app so that users are hooked and then you can put premium features they'll have to pay for.

Ads: Virtually, you earn by selling data-driven advertising space in your educational mobile app development. You can do this independently or you could operate with a mobile ad partner. This might boomerang as ads are annoying and could generate user dissatisfaction. To ensure that this doesn't happen, limit the number of ads and take ads that are in line with your app.

Paid: This is a "pay before play" business model. The payment for it is made upfront, even before download. Paid apps can cost anywhere between $0.99 to $999.99, and brands make money in advance with every download.

In-App Purchases: This is when users pay for interesting features on the software. Whatever your app is selling, make sure the in-app purchases feel like a normal part of your app.

Certificates: Paying for the certificate is another option to consider in monetizing your app. A lot of online learning apps are using this to generate revenue. Most particularly in educational mobile app development for universities. Most learning apps give reward certificates at the end of each learning course.  

I’ve got an idea, where should I start?

Estimate the cost of the app here Talk to us. If you share your idea via this form, one of our team will respond within one working day by email or phone. If you'd prefer to speak to us right now, call 1 646 9804236, and one of the team will talk through your ideas and project. We never hard sell, we're always happy to help you.