Coronavirus Technology. 2020 is insane.

Let me guess – you’re reading this from home, because it’s quarantine and you work remotely.

There's a dangerous pandemics in the world and hmm, the major financial chaos caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Tech companies already working on advanced solutions to fight the pandemics. Companies are using AI, Data Science & more.

Using AI: Artificial-intelligence vs COVID-19

AI helped to slow down the spread in China, which means it should be used in other countries. Chinese government noticed where cases took place and combined GPS movements of cell phones. As a result, they could predict what neighborhoods were under risk. Therefore, they could rapidly quarantine the area, implement other measures and stop the spread.

That’s not it. Several startups are using AI for diagnosing notorious COVID-19. This is Infervision’s imaging platform. It scans the chest screens and according to Infervision it can identify multiple diseases (including COVID-19) at the same time.

Infervision Chest CT AI

Alibaba also developed an AI- system that helps to detect Coronavirus in CT-scans. It’s right in 96% cases and just takes 20 seconds, according to the company.

Movements Maps: Coronavirus Map

Indie software developers from Seoul created app. It shows if there are any registered cases of coronavirus in your vicinity. It helps people be extra careful & minimize their route.

These apps also have text messages alerts that notify residents of the neighborhood about new cases.

According to BBC, Facebook is currently working with Harvard University's School of Public Health and the National Tsing Hua University, in Taiwan on high-resolution maps. The said maps show people’s movements and can predict spread of the diseases.

Meanwhile, Google’s daughter company Verily is creating a small patch that measures body temperature & sends data to the phone app. According to Google’s CEO, this patch can be especially useful for elderly populations to predict any diseases.

What’s more Google is giving $25M credit of ad spend to the WHO and government agencies. Facebook said it would provide as many free ads to WHO as needed.

Using Drones: How Drones Can Be Used to combat COVID-19

No, it’s not a chilling sci-fi from ‘1984’. China actually used drones for warning citizens against walking without a mask. Wild, but probably effective.

Is it Possible to Predict Diseases Outbreak?

More or less :)

Back in 2008, Google launched a service that helped to locate flu outbreaks based on the search stats in certain regions. They actually managed to predict swine flu epidemic earlier than the US health officials. There was 1 caveat – this method tends to greatly overestimate the number of people who picked up the disease.

Canadian company BlueDot was the first to spot coronavirus outbreak ahead of everyone else. They use tons of different metrics to predict more than 100 infectious diseases. With the help of natural language processing and machine learning, the company analyzes around 100K articles a day (in 65 languages).

The Chaos In Tech Conferences World

Coronavirus affects day-to-day business of tech companies. Most companies in Europe and the US are now working remotely.

While this might be acceptable for many, Covid-19  caused the chaos in the tech conferences world.

Many conferences get cancelled. Apple reportedly postponed its rumored March event. MWC 2020(Mobile World Conference) is cancelled. Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is postponed.

It’s not time for secret bunkers just yet. For instance,  Apple announced an entirely-digital WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) online.

This is the way-out for many companies that hold events. It’s time to go online. The hype is real. This is Zoom stock over the recent days:

On the other hand, online events might be challenging for smaller companies. The website might not handle the high load.

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