BUFF is one of Fulcrum’s recent projects. Today BUFF is a popular loyalty platform for gamers with its own coin-economy, reward system and marketplace. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how this loyalty program app development took place.
Starting with a desktop application, we later proceeded with mobile loyalty app development as well. Over 2 years, Buff has become a real market player with millions of users and thousands of transactions daily. The app has its own coin economy, exclusive loyalty programs, reward system & marketplace.
1 500 000+
Users Worldwide
Real-time game
Steam items
Buff Games asked us to create a loyalty program app for gamers. Being super easy in use, the app had to reward gamers just for playing.
So, our main task was to develop a complex loyalty program, more like universal support system for all types of games. What’s more, we had to make it secure enough to provide user verification and avoid cheating.
We developed a virtual gaming economy platform - BUFF. This loyalty program app enables gamers to earn coins in the background as they continue to play without interruption
From a technical perspective, we managed to build not just one React app but a system of applications. BUFF became a bundle of separate React applications working in synergy and communicating via the EventBus pattern. Later, we’ve also developed its mobile cross-platform application, exposing BUFF to even more users.
Register & create your profile
Download BUFF for free. Сreate your personal account and start earning by playing in your favorite games. Not bad, right?
Play the games available on the platform
BUFF loyalty program app supports over dozen popular games. Choose your favourite one and start doing what you’re really good at – playing.
Earn coins & purchase in-game products
Complete various tasks & earn coins. Buy the in-game products you always wanted to have.
Short educational pop-ups will tell you everything you need to know before using the app. With BUFF, it’s super easy to start.
Game Challenge Support
The platform offers lots of interesting tasks for you to earn coins. Start playing to get your daily bonus and weekly reward.
History & Advanced stats
Track your results easily. Check any game you played & your results in it. Look at what your competitors have achieved. Have your success recorded.
Live economy
BUFF live economy is based on real-time analysis of users’ performance. The best player earns more coins.
Anti-cheating system
The platform has an advanced anti-fraud system. It detects bots and ensures that all players are playing under same conditions.
Steam bot
Since Steam API doesn’t support self login feature, we developed our own Steam bot. It allowed us to integrate Steam items into the platform.
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Technology Stack
Key Results
1,500,000+ platform
users worldwide
5,000 + of
Transactions daily
anti-fraud system
Fulcrum executed a functional and reliable app that has exceeded user behaviour and engagement KPIs. The proactive team excels at managing expectations and meeting milestones, delivering on time and budget.
They facilitate daily communication and in-person meetings and offer their own insights
Elay De Beer
CEO, Buff Games


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