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First-ever educational platform for drivers in Norway

For Kör, we’ve created a bundle of React Native student & instructor apps, along with web admin & partner applications. Inside, users can book driving classes, log practice rides & see feedback from instructors.

  • the largest driving school in Norway (by # of teachers)

  • 4,6M NOK investments raised

  • driving lessons and courses sold for 7.5M NOK


Loyalty Program for Gamers

With the mobile apps built on React Native, the platform overall has its own coin-economy, reward system and marketplace.

  • has 1,5M + users worldwide

  • 2M Buff coins earned daily

  • Israel's first publicly traded gaming company


Digital Matchmaking platform

With its mobile apps built on React Native, Launch has elaborated functionality that helps to connect new graduates & young professionals with their dream employer.

  • the app has already partnered with Pfizer, P&G, McKinsey & Company, Proximus, Accenture & others.


React Native cross-platform app that provides personalized career coaching & helps people proceed in digital work environment. Based on users’ onboarding and testing, it offers you personalized tasks & challenges to achieve progress faster.


few react native facts


Open-source framework releasedby Facebook Inc. in 2015


A single codebase to share code across platforms


For Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows


Written in JavaScript, rendered with native code

why others choose react native development

two apps in one

Instead of TWO separate native products for iOS and Android – you build just ONE React Native app & use it for both platforms at the same time.

30% faster development

Thanks to reutilized RN modules, single source code, wide RN toolset, React Native development can be 30% faster than a native one.

no dollar wasted

Fewer development hours = less project expenses. Still, RN product’s quality, performance or usalibility remain top-notch & competitive to native apps.

lightning-speed iterations

Fast refresh enables React Native developers to see changes immediately after saving & iterate products with rocketship speed.

truly native ui

To spot the difference between React Native and native apps, your users will have to sweat. Still, they won’t probably see any.

lots of contributors

React Native development companies created huge communities with genereous contributors on GitHub, Expo, CallStack, Microsoft & lots more.

react native apps globally

React Native Development Services are being used to create thousands of apps. Some of them you know for sure:

why fulcrum?

Product oriented

We create not for the sake of creating – but to bring impact to clients. And clients of our clients. Our BA & UX team dedicated to creating market-fit products.

agile approach

We use agile methodology & SCRUM approach in our day-to-day processes to deliver efficient products faster.


Experts on Board


Projects Done


Users Worldwide



We stay transparent in everything we do. Being 24/7 available for you. Reporting on our progress. Sharing results after each spint.


on clutch & upwork

Always delighted to see 5-star Clutch reviews & 100% Job Success on Upwork from customers whose products we’ve delivered.

what our Clients say

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”Very good follow up, quick iterations, strong UX knowledge….This was the first time we work with supplier outside of EU and we were impressed with their work”
Ken Bastiaensen
Managing Partner at Boltzmann
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“Fulcrum also challenges us on the product. They don’t just do whatever we say. They have given us quite good feedback on the product itself”
Øyvind O. Holm-Johnsen
Co-Founder at Kör
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”They are young and really engaged in both the tech and the solution created for us.”
Jens Kristian Tøraasen
CTO at Last Call AS
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”Fulcrum followed the scope flawlessly. They delivered on every milestone laid out for them and exceeded expectations. […] They are a skilled and reliable partner.”
Richard Kacerek
CEO at Empire Elements Ltd.
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”Fulcrum executed a functional and reliable app that has exceeded user behavior and engagement KPIs. The proactive team excels at managing expectations and meeting milestones, delivering on time and budget.”
Elay De Beer
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”So far, the work from Fulcrum has been top-notch, in terms of both functionality and visuals. Their team works diligently to meet deadlines and communicate smoothly, despite any language differences.”
Pilar Duenas
Founder of Subxxi Media
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”The team was incredibly responsive at all times and had extra resources available as needed. They used effective project management tools and systems.”
Florian Hausmann
Director at Artsnext
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”We were impressed by their professionalism and we thought their asking price was fair.
Josh Ozanne
CEO at ChainCreator
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”You don’t have to worry about anything; they keep their customers’ best interests in mind. They bring good value and advice to the project.”
Noha Aljumah
Project Manager at IGLI6
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”Their communication skills and the processes they have in place are incredibly well suited to startups. The team really gets what we are trying to do.”
Bruno Haag

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What to choose: React Native vs native development?

Well, the final answer depends solely on your project goals and requirements. Both have its strong & weak sides. Still, React Native development seems to be a competitive alternative to the native one considering less time, money & resource expenses.


How much does it cost to build a react native mobile app?

Overall, creating one React Native app is considered to be more cost-efficient than building native apps for iOS and Android. There are several reasons for that: faster development, lots of reutilized RN modules, one team which can build one platform for both apps. Btw, you can always estimate your development budget with our App Costs Calculator.


Is React Native open-source?

Yes, yes, and yes. React Native is an open-source framework that also has wide communities supported by numerous contributors. It makes the world a much simpler place for React Native developers.


How React Native lets us build cross-platform mobile apps?

It’s simple as that – React Native development companies can create platform-specific versions of components so that they can share the code between platforms using one codebase.


Can I migrate an existing app to React Native?

Yes, it’s possible to migrate the existing app to React Native, although it surely will take much longer time than just creating an app from scratch.


How different is React Native from React?

While React is used to create UI interfaces on the web, React Native is designed to build native mobile apps by means of React library. That’s why, the developers, who have already worked with React, can much faster & easier create native mobile apps on Android and iOS with React Native.


How do you choose a React Native Development Company?

There are lots of factors that you should consider. Among them: the company’s reputation, expertise, and approach. First of all, check what products your potential partner has already created, especially – their React Native portfolio. Next, find out what its clients say about the company and its services. Go to such directories as Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. Finally, it’s also important that your vision and values match those of the development agency.