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Usability Testing: Transforming User Behavior into Revenue

We use science & tangible numbers to maximize your ROI, conversion and user satisfaction.

Why Bother with Usability Testing?
What is Usability Testing?What is Usability Testing?
Increase Products ROI
& Conversion

For apps, websites that want to increase their revenue polishing usability.

Uncover Efficiency
& Usability Gaps

For products with outdated designs that arent efficient enough & need design update.

Validate an Idea
or a Concept

For startups owners to check product/market-fit & cut down costs on development.

Some of our Cases
glo brand

British American Tobacco (BAT) is a global tobacco company. Its products include cigarettes, tobacco, and such nicotine brands as the tobacco heating device Glo.

Client Says

“... Fulcrum team found lots of critical UX problems in our workflow & website, so we switched from developing an app to raising conversion on current website”



Conversion Growth


In Website Revenue


Longer Session Duration

BUFF brand

Buff is a popular loyalty program for gamers. It rewards gamers just for playing. The app has its own coin-economy, reward system and marketplace.

Client Says

“We’re exceeding KPIs for user behavior and engagement with our product. The product is very strong and reliable, and it’s done really well”



Israel`s Publicly Traded Company


Desktop App Downloads


Users Worldwide

7 Scientific Metrics

Most companies create or update designs without talking to their users.

The truth is – no one knows better than your customers.

We do it using objective data & SUM approach. So, in the end, instead of vague opinions, you get representative numbers & exact solutions.

What is SUM?
What is SUM Approach?

SUM are single usability metrics by which experts can actually count product’s usability. On the scale from 1 to 100. This approach was developed by Microsoft team and so far shows impressive results.

Success Rate
Success Rate

Number of users who finished a provided task successfully

User Time on Task
User Time on Task

Time users spend on fulfilling the tasks.

Expert Time on Task
Expert Time on Task

Time UX expert spends on the same tasks.

Error Rate
Error Rate

Rate of all customer’s unsuccessful attempts to fulfill outlines tasks.

Perceived Time
Perceived Time

Users’ perception of time spent on completing tasks.

Perceived Ease
Perceived Ease

Users evaluate how hard for them it was to complete tasks.


Customer’s freedom from discomfort and positive attitude towards the use of the product.

Miracles Usability Does
90% Costs Cut Down

McAfee company cut down 90% of its support calls after doing redesign based on usability testing.

+300 Million in Sales

Amazon increased its sales by $300 million after just changing their button text from “Register” to “Continue”

Design fixes are 10 times cheaper than development ones and 100X less while fixing a product after releas
Meet Your Future UX Team
Fedor Makatera
Design Lead
Angelina Lebedeva
UI/UX designer
Aliona Bosa
UI/UX designer
Mark Lankmilier
UX Lead
Katya Vyperailenko
UI/UX designer
Mariia Zmytrovych
UI/UX designer
How We Do Usability Testing
Outlining Goals

We research customer’s needs and goals, create hypotheses & put them into action plan. Based on project’s goals, we choose testing methodology, prepare research tools and equipment.

We carefully select respondents ourselves or using recruiting companies.

Testing with Users

We ask respondents to do the tasks we prepared using a product. During testing, we observe users' behavior, pains, comments, and record it all on video.

We test products with users online & offline regardless of the location. If no product is ready, we create a prototype to test.

Providing Solutions

Based on what we get during testing, we evaluate product's usability against 7 metrics, create a detailed report with recommendations and low-fidelity wireframes to fix the most crucial issues.

What You Get After Testing
Issues List

Detailed report with UX recommendations for each issue we found.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

For most urgent UX gaps, we prepare low-fidelity wireframes with solutions.

Value Fulcrum Brings
/Customer Obsession
> 5000 UX

are using Fulcrums free UX products & tools worldwide.

/Profound Expertise
> 124

we done & moderated by our UX experts.


of results – we measure pre- and after- data to not miss a thing.

FAQ: UX Experts on Hold
Do you look at analitic data during Usability Testing?

Yes. If such data are available, our UX experts also analyze product’s GA and Hotjar.

Does Usability Testing work for existing products only?

No, Usability Testing also allows to validate a product idea you have. In that case, we don’t have a working product, but rather use a prototype. If you don’t have a prototype of your own, no worries – our designers can help you out.

Do you have packages for Usability Testing?

No, we don’t have package options for Usability Testing. According to the world’s best practices, Usability Testing should be of limited time and scope regardless of the product’s size. Creating different packages might harm testing quality and results.

How can users provide more effective feedback than experts?

Noone can detect problems in your product better than its actual users. At the same time, Usability Testing is about combining both – user feedback and expert monitoring, analysis, and takeaways.

What to do after Usability Testing?

You bring our detailed UX report and lo-fi wireframes to your in-house design team or partnering design agency. They will pack all the recommendations into updated UI and prepare the tech tasks to pass to developers.