In the modern world of software development full-stack developers are very much in demand. There’s over 30 thousand vacancies in the US alone. You can imagine, hiring a genuinely good professional is somewhat of a challenge. If you are on the market for a software engineer this article will be especially helpful for you.


What Is a Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is a jack of all trades. This is a specialist who is proficient not only in front- and backend technologies, but in everything in between as well. Database management, security, testing, even project management are often part of a full stack developer’s skills.


A good full-stack developer should:

  • Be proficient in at least one backend programming language and its main frameworks. For example PHP and Laravel, Python and Django, or Ruby and Rails.
  • Know frontend languages and frameworks (Javascript, React.js). And markup languages (HTML and CSS).
  • Have experience working with databases (MySQL, Mongo, MariaDB etc.)
  • Have basic skills in UX/UI design and project management.
  • Be familiar with security best practices.
  • Have experience in implementing tests.
  • Be proficient with Git.

As you can see a full stack developer takes part in roughly every stage of the SDLC.


When Do You Need a Full Stack Developer

Since full stack coders are so versatile you might think that hiring a full development team is not necessary. And all any project needs is an experienced full stack specialist. This is not the case. But we understand the reasoning behind that. A full stack developer salary is of course higher than that of a programmer specialising in one language. But hiring one person instead of 4 will save you a bit of money.


So when should you hire a full stack developer?


If all you need is a simple enough MVP or your project is small. And it requires standard tech with nothing overly complicated. In these cases one experienced programmer might be able to do everything himself.


But for larger projects one specialist is not enough. Such projects require a full development team. But full stack developers are great team leads and CTOs. So having one in a full development team might really benefit the end product.


How to Find a Full Stack Engineer

As with any other specialist, there’s a number of ways to hire software developers. You can always look for a specialist locally. But it might be a lot more expensive than going for outsourcing. Just check the average salaries of developers in different areas.


Outsourcing offers a number of options too. You can ask your friends and colleagues for a recommendation. Chances are they worked with a good specialist and will be able to help. Or you can search for a full stack engineer on the numerous job boards and freelancing platforms like Upwork.


But the easiest way is to find a reputable development studio. With a studio you do not have to go through the evaluation process to hire every member of the team. The studio already has a number of tried and tested full-stack pros on staff. So they will just appoint a good developer for your project. Of course you can interview the specialist yourself. But if you don’t have enough expertise to understand if the programmer is proficient enough you can just rely on the studio.


If you don’t know which tech you need it’s better to go for a dev studio, not a freelancer. A studio has project managers and business development specialists on staff. These people will be able to determine which technologies will work best for your product.


What to Pay Attention to When You Hire Full-Stack Developers

The first thing you need to check is reviews from previous clients. Pay attention to the soft skills as well the professional ones. You need to be able to communicate with this person or dev team closely.


Check their portfolio. If they have a project close enough to yours it’s great. Or at least a project in the same domain. This means you won’t have to spend a lot of time explaining what it is you actually do. And if the engineer already has experience building an alike project it means they should be able to deliver yours faster.


Finally, make sure to check their tech stack. What technologies do they specialise in? Will they work for your product?


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FAQ: Hire Full-Stack Developers

  1. What is a full stack developer?
    A software engineer who has enough expertise to build both sides of an app - front and backend. As well as everything in between.
  2. What does a full stack developer do?
    They work on both the client and server side of an app or website.
  3. How much does a full stack developer make?
    This depends on the country and seniority. A US based specialist makes an average of $106 000 per year. A Ukrainian one makes about $50 000.