My name is Ihor (you may know me as Fulcrum CEO). Recently, we’ve wrapped OKR planning for Q3 2021. This time we have decided to publish them live: not just for our employees, but for everyone to see and follow.


We plan to stay completely honest and share challenges too (because like any company – we have them). It also makes it all the fun to overcome them together.


Besides, 100% transparency is one of Fulcrum’s values. This means we’ll discuss more openly the non-confidential, ongoing work that the team is undertaking this year.


Objective: Shape Fulcrum Value Prop and Positioning

Any B2B software company will understand how hard it is to stay unique. At Fulcrum Rocks – we struggle with this too. Something that we plan to achieve is to finalize our mission and vision, strategy for years ahead and more.


Objective: Sign Deals for $520K

Finance metrics show the health of the entire company. This number is pretty ambitious to close by the end of September 2021 – but it’s something that we wish to do thanks to the effective Business Development unit that we are building.


Objective: Build Fulcrum Approach for Creating Products

This goal isn’t just a quarterly challenge – this is something we plan to build for at least a year to come. Fulcrum approach means significant improvement in how we deliver our services to our clients.


And as such it also means the following:

1. Stable, thought-through, polished processes on how we build products at Fulcrum (starting from pre-sales, initial Discovery & research to release and support)

2. NPS 95+

3. Faster development roadmap by 25% than our competitors

4. Teams will focus on the business side of our clients besides the development chunk of the project


Objective: Decrease Overtimes for our Employees

Every person working at Fulcrum is engaged and involved. Each of us loves what we do and makes sure to deliver the best result. Due to tight deadlines, sometimes inaccurate estimations, and because we don’t want to do mediocre work – this often results in overtimes for the team.


We developed an action plan on how to decrease team overtime and burnout. Without going into details about it here – we might publish this OKR in our future blog posts.


To sum up

Finally, in the end of the quarter, I plan to report on our progress on each of these. I’ll notify which OKR we managed to achieve & the ones that turned out impossible, and which we may carry over into Q4. Stay tuned!