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Over the last two decades, the IT outsourcing sector in Ukraine has been booming. The country is the perfect location for IT development, with a range of assets to attract investors. Indeed, Techstars says that Kyiv, the Ukrainian political and tech capital, comes out on top for investor numbers when compared to European capitals like Copenhagen, Oslo, Vienna, or Warsaw. What brought all of these companies and their IT projects out to Ukraine? Let’s check it out.

To break it down, here’s why businesses outsource to Ukraine:

  • World-class engineering talent on hand

  • Reasonably priced labor

  • Great end products

As evidence of the potential held in the IT sector, companies from Europe, the US, and even Asia are bringing their research and development departments here, notably Cisco, Oracle, and Samsung. The IT industry across Ukraine is worth $5 billion, and it’s not been an overnight success story. The talent pool is young and dynamic, with innovative developers who have pushed on, against the odds, to allow the sector to flourish. Indeed, some predictions state that the IT industry will hit $10 billion in Ukraine by the start of the next decade. So, here're the main reasons to outsource to Ukraine.

A Developing and Expanding Market

You’d better believe that the IT market in Ukraine is out to impress you. A recent cited that:

  • As an export market, ICT holds a 20% share or one-third of all outgoing goods from Ukraine

  • Year on year growth comes in at around 26% for the Ukrainian IT industry

  • The market is competitive with 4,000 IT companies operating

  • In 2018, the number of qualified IT professionals topped 185,000

Of these IT operatives, outsourcing companies employ around 60% of the talent pool. Further, there are more than 2,000 startups and over 100 R&D centers already in the industry, and the number is only going to keep increasing.

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Low Cost, High Value

Running the hard numbers; a Scala developer in Ukraine earns an average of $18 to $23 per hour, which is a third to a quarter of the rate of a developer in the U.S., where they earn $60 to $100, based on a standard 40-hour working week. Looking at other languages, PayScale shows the following monthly salary paid to junior, front-end developers over different countries:

  • US — from $5,000

  • UK — from $3,800

  • Ukraine — from $1,800

  • Switzerland — from $6,560

  • Israel — from $4,100

And the numbers for JavaScript junior developers also demonstrate the value of Ukranian specialists, for comparison:

  • US — from $6,800

  • UK — from $5,032

  • Ukraine — from $1,600

  • Switzerland — from $6,280

  • Israel — from $4,000

These numbers bear out across the other programming languages in the same way. Put simply, when you’re looking for an IT specialist your search can begin and end with Ukraine. Take a look at our prices here.

A Wide Range of IT Companies

No matter the IT service you need, be it mobile and web development, UI/UX design, QA and testing, R&D services, IT consulting, big data and analytics, Ukraine will have what you’re looking for across its more than 1600 software development companies. As impressive as that number is, the quality of work isn’t compromised; time and again Ukrainian IT companies have featured in global top 10 rankings. When considering outsourcing, you can check out:

  • Brights.io — a software development agency

  • Fulcrum.rocks — for mobile and web product development

  • Sloboda-studio — that specializes on Ruby on Rails language

To add to the appeal, 80% of IT professionals in the country can work at an intermediate or higher level of English, as shown by research from the DOU. Not only will you get quality work, but your communication will also be effortless. Fulcrum.rocks has English speaking staff ready to assign to your English language projects, too.

Choosing the Right Outsource Company

It’s not all about the country that you choose to outsource to, you need to make sure you get the right company to develop your next project, and this needs plenty of planning and research. For a reliable partner, look no further than Fulcrum.rocks; ready to roll on any mobile and web-based challenges you can send across our desks. Get in touch and we’ll go through getting your next awesome project off the ground and onto your phone.

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