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High-skilled developers who excel at programming languages have become a real treasure in recent years. So it’s normally that you want to know how to find the best Node.js developers, no matter where they are.


And we’ll show you how to do it. With Fulcrum, you get access to top-notch Node.js developers to hire in Ukraine!


Node.js in App Development: a Brief Overview

Node.js is a standard language used by backend specialists that marks the beginning of new, and innovative programming projects. The language stands for fast and adaptable improvements in programming. It also uses JavaScript (the most widely used language in the web world) as its engine.

Node.js is a quite comfortable framework to use for application development. Node.js developers can build and execute the code on the server side, which means a faster development process. The programmers clarify the functioning of the application and take care of the first-class client requirements that are executed by the system.


Node.js software engineers should be strong both in the front-end  & back-end development. Moreover, Node.js is used for inserting external instruments into programming objects.


Job Market for Node.js Developers – Overview

The technology world has primarily witnessed the insane explosion in Node.js developers across the globe. In 2019 and 2020, it took first place as the most used programming language and was well on its way to do the same in 2022.


According to Indeed’s Hiring Lab, job searches for Node.js developers rose to over 57%, putting the runtime in the top 10 searches for technical skills. Knowing how to find Node.js developers is a must these days, and you should not miss out on the opportunity. It’s easier than it looks!


Cloud computing, eCommerce tech skill searches growing fast

RankSkillJob search growth RankSkillJob search growth
1Kubernetes 173% 11Azure53%
2Magento 116%12Spanish 46%
4Golang81%14PHP 45%
5Ansible 72%15Blackchain44%
6Autocad 71%16A+ 44%
8react 61%18Chinese 38%
10C54%20HTML 30%

What a Node.js developer should be able to do? Since this is a new concept, it would be pretty pointless to need years of experience. Here are the most important skills that are required when hiring Node.js developers at the junior level:

  • Be familiar with REST APIs;
  • Knowledge of language frameworks;
  • Intermediate knowledge of front-end development;
  • A deep understanding of databases;
  • Knowledge of how to use various security features;
  • Good knowledge of error handling.

Responsibilities of a Node.js Developer

Everyone is looking for a capable Node.js developer who can optimize the performance of web-based applications. A strong Node.js engineer is one whose abilities enable firm, quick, and secure exchange of information between collaborators and clients.


The developer will have challenging tasks and collaborate with front-end application developers, design back-end components, and integrate data storage and backup solutions.


What would his tasks be?

  • The development and maintenance of all employee-facing organizational parts.
  • Ensuring the ideal execution of the central information base and responsiveness to front-end requests.
  • Collaborating with front-end engineers to tune components.
  • Design customer-facing UI and back-end administrations for various business measures.
  • Develop superior applications by compiling testable, reusable, and proficient code.
  • Implement compelling security conventions, information assurance measures, and capacity arrangements.
  • Performing analytical testing, fixing bugs, and providing specialized help.
  • Documenting Node.js measures, including information base sketches, as planning reports.
  • Recommending and executing upgrades for cycles and advancements.
  • Keep up to date with progress on Node.js enhancements.

A large percentage of programmers have invested in a 4-year college degree, either in computer studies or software engineering. This time can be worthwhile because as an exceptional designer, you need to have some special skills such as:

  • Excellent relationship, correspondence, and collaborative effort skills.
  • Exceptional scientific and critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent skills in managing hierarchy and time.
  • Availability to resolve critical web application issues outside of business hours.

Junior, Middle & Senior Node.js Developer Skills

Required Skills for a Junior Node.js Developer

You can not expect much experience from someone who has graduated and never worked before, that’s a junior, but they should already have a nice solid foundation in the basics of their programming languages, like:

  • Node.js;
  • JavaScript, HTML DOM and events;
  • HTML5 and CSS3;

Most of your juniors should want to go a step further and expand their knowledge. And how can you do that? As always, it’s best if they have a more educated, knowledgeable mentor at their side every step of the way, such as a Middle Node.js developer.


Required Skills for a Middle Node.js Developer

Mid-level developers are the essence of the team. With their many projects behind, they can work without anyone watching over them, and they can generally solve most problems without complicating them. Therefore, as expected, you need more experience to become a Middle Node.js Developer. In addition to the skills of a junior programmer, you should also have the following:

  • Some understanding of the REST paradigm;
  • 2+ years of working experience with Node.js;
  • Knowledge of at least 1 programming language based on Node.js;
  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript/CoffeeScript and ambitions for more;
  • Knowledge of MySQL/PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, and other common development tools.

Ideally, you will not only have great hard skills that will help you deliver many successful projects but also good soft skills, as these will allow you to help and teach juniors to get to their level.


Also, this process will introduce a reward system so that both can enjoy knowledge as well as prizes.


Required Skills for a Senior Node.js Developer

Seniors are the driving force of the team, the leaders that everyone wants. They take part in the most difficult challenges and help the Product Owner lead the project. Their work has impressive value and their responsibilities are extensive. What can you expect from them?


You can expect them to be prepared for any situation and to be highly skilled in many areas. They can call themselves senior if:

  • 5+ years of working experience with a programming language;
  • Knowledge of TypeScript/CoffeeScript;
  • Experience with Angular, React, and other JS frameworks;
  • Understanding of design principles and reusable object-oriented software.
  • Proficiency in another programming language.
  • Sound knowledge of REST and experience with creating RESTful APIs;
  • Knowledgeable about OAuth;

A senior should also excel at architectural design patterns, as they lead project development and tell everyone exactly how to proceed from here on out. As so-called “professionals” in many disciplines, they are also expected to learn and look for new methods to solve problems. They are not only your team leader but also your best student.


Where Should You Look for Qualified Node.js Developers?

If you randomly search for Node.js developers in random places, you will hardly ever get good results. Since Node.js is a javascript-based platform, it can sometimes be difficult to get around the problem of similarities between a front-end javascript developer and a Node.js developer. Aimlessly, you should always look for the desired Node.js developer where the concentration of the same is higher.


Contributors of Node.js. You can find talented Node.js developers by browsing the packages on many different websites and searching the posts on GitHub.


Attend Node.js conferences. People who attend these events often have the skills you are looking for because they are interested in their area of expertise, and you can start “recruiting” them with a casual conversation to see if they’d be a good choice for your company.


Search the extremely active Node.js community. There’s no specific place you can find them, but Q&A sites like Stack Exchange, freelance websites, and popular mailing lists for open source projects are always helpful.


But we should not limit ourselves to specific places to find them. This is where marketing skills come in because you can give them the opportunity to find you by using marketing methods like:

  • Inbound – How can the candidate find us?
  • Outbound – How can we find them and make the first move?
  • Tools – What capabilities do you have to speed up the process of finding and analyzing leads?
  • Outsourcing – How can you leverage the skills of a software company that has developers with the skills you want?

Node.js Developer Average Salary: Depending on the Countries

The salary of a Node.js designer can change in general, as the compensation for Node.js engineers can be quite high. However, most of it depends on how long he has been working in his field, IT. The following form shows the range these positions can take in the United States, from junior-level programmer to senior-level programmer.


Many have attempted to more accurately determine the compensation of Node.js engineers at the junior and senior levels. While the normal developer of this innovation typically has three to nine years of programming experience, those with senior-level experience can hope to earn much more than their less experienced counterparts.

Job Title Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Remote Developer $121,262 $10,105 $2,332 $58,3
Financial Software Developer $119,954 $9,996 $2,307 $57,67
Senior Software Developer $118,239 $9,853 $2,274 $56,85
Cloud Software Developer $117,500 $9,792 $2,260 $56,49
Enterprise Software Developer $117,075 $9,756 $2,251 $56,29

Take the numbers for Node.js engineer compensation, for example. At $132,000, the pay for Node.js engineers is higher than everyone else’s because of the high level of commitment required. For example, salaries for Node.js engineers in the United States are among the highest in the world at $113,791.


However, salaries for Node.js specialists in Ukraine do not make up a large portion of that.


Salaries of Node.js Developers in Ukraine Compared to Other Countries

If you are trying to figure out how much money you can spend on development, it is obvious that there are many variations. Node.js engineers are usually paid well, but it depends on where your developers come from, which is perhaps the most important criterion of all.


The reason is as simple as it looks – the cost of living – it varies around the world, and that affects the average wage of every single worker in the world, including Node.js developers. And while Node.js experts are in high demand, their salaries also depend on the developer’s location.

Country Median Salary Rate for Node.js Developers
Canada $110,000

The salary of a Node.js engineer in the United States is among the highest in the world at $113,791, and why? Right. The average cost of living in the US is $1000 to $1500.


Take into account that salaries for Node.js engineers in Ukraine are less than half of that and the average cost of living is only $502.


This means that if you look at how things are in the rest of the world, you can still find people who speak English and have world-class programming talent for half the cost.


Bottom line: if you choose to hire offshore developers, you will save on the salary of a full-stack Node.js developer.


Go ahead with a guide that gives you a detailed comparison of rates in the top IT outsourcing hubs of the world. They are all worth your attention! The final decision is always yours.


Why you Should Hire Ukrainian Node.js Developers

Everyone is constantly looking for Node js developers, but not many know how to find Node js developers with the skills you want. In a European countries, the ratio of cost and quality is the most favorable.

Ukraine is a goldmine for valuable Node.js contributors, both united by the improved organization and individual consultants if you need experienced Node JS designers.


At the same time, despite the low cost of hiring, the type of management remains at the top, because most experts in Ukraine are capable in STEM. Ukraine is also known for producing a large number of talented IT experts, including Node.js designers.


Ukrainian Node,js developers have a high level of skills. About 35% of Ukrainian engineers are at the middle level, 20% are at the higher level and 10% are leading a group. More than half of Ukrainian programmers have more than 5 years of professional experience.


In Ukraine, a designer is able to be very skilled in many different activities as a considerable number of them start their profession in creative thinking organizations. This means that they gain a lot of knowledge in different areas and contribute to many different parts of the business.


Ukrainian Developers Soft Skills

Effective Communication

In Ukraine, designers are completely free to talk to outsiders and have partnerships with global clients, usually from the US and Western Europe. Some tech experts have unfamiliar training or experience working abroad.


Not only that, research has shown that at least 80% of programmers speak English at an Intermediate level. This way you will be able to understand each other and communicate well.



Since Ukraine is in Eastern Europe, it has many social similarities with Western countries. You will find that most of the techies living there have grown up with western culture, movies, and music.


This means that in Ukraine you will be exposed to comparable qualities and a solid work ethic: designers always move on and take their commitments seriously (like their partners from Western countries).


Cultural Similarities

Occasionally, workers from outside feel that they receive less attention than expected, but such an impression is unfounded.


Ukrainian developers may not exactly grin at their Western counterparts, but they will treat you with justifiable respect. Also, you will find that people around you are very open and express their opinions or feelings when something goes bad.


Drive and Motivation

Ukrainian computer programmers show a deep interest in progress. More than three-quarters of them are excited about the progress and driven by the things they do at work. Interestingly, more than 70% of IT experts in Ukraine would work even if they did not get a good salary (according to a study by the nearby Designer Entryway DOU). That being said, Ukrainian developers are exceptionally inspired.




Ukrainian engineers are reasonable when it comes to evaluating your orders and offering you help. They will analyze your requirements and honestly tell you whether they can help you or not.




Ukrainians have proven time and again that they are hig qualified specialists.  Their imagination is also sufficient to offer “eccentric” yet feasible arrangements. So, if you are thinking about how to find a developer who can help and advise you, a trip to Ukraine is the right alternative.


Learn how to outsource your development team in the best possible way.


What to  Do Now?

Ukraine is the main target for your product project that you need in Eastern Europe. Our specialists are capable problem solvers in many different regions and are also good students who love to learn new strategies to overcome the problem in front of them.


The prices are for the most part higher than in Asia. But the quality can also be considered better, so the ratio between quality and value in building your business in Ukraine is ideal compared to many, many other countries around the world.

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