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Coolest Edtech Startups in 2022

Why is it worth investing in education websites? Success stories of some best edtech startups that rocked 2022 should give you a hint. Learn how smaller edtech players like GoStudent, MultiVerse, Course Hero became so successful in their industry.

How to use features of social media in e-learning

Social media in elearning is a useful multipurpose tool. During the last 4 years, we’ve developed edtech apps for various user groups enhancing them with social media features to increase user engagement and learning results, boost sales and attract new customers.


In this article, we will cover the pros of these features and describe how students and learners can benefit from them.


What is gamification in e-learning & how to use it

With over 4 years of experience in the edtech domain, we’ve gathered a pool of valuable approaches on how to implement gamification into e-learning apps so that it boosts user engagement and grows retention rate. Let’s do a quick recap.

What to consider when creating apps for special education

Recently, we worked on a learning app that helps children with special needs explore the world through sounds. During our research and prototyping, we’ve marked many valuable and crucial insights that are helpful while creating apps for special education.

Case Study: DJ Media Platform for HÖR

Do you love music? We at Fulcrum do. You can tell it by taking a look at our latest work. HÖR, a web platform for rave and electronic music fans, is now live. Let’s discuss things we kept in mind while developing it from scratch.


Offshore Software Development Rates by Country: Detailed Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss offshore software development rates by country, compare developer costs around the globe, while also analyzing pros and cons of outsourcing a development team to various regions. So, let’s get comfy and find your perfect destination!