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Offshore Software Development Rates by Country: Detailed Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss offshore software development rates by country, compare developer costs around the globe, while also analyzing pros and cons of outsourcing a development team to various regions. So, let’s get comfy and find your perfect destination!

Fulcrum Rocks at times of war

It’s been 8 months of the full-scale war in Ukraine, and Fulcrum Rocks as a Ukrainian company has been impacted since day one. Some of our clients and their investors have doubts about working with a team from a hotspot country. 


So, this article is here to answer some of the critical questions you might have. We’ll explain where we stand as a company and how we guarantee brilliant delivery even in times of war (and we do). 


Now let’s talk about your concerns, our team, projects, and new goals.

Using In-depth Interviews to Build a Customer Journey Map for Your Product: the Complete Guide

In order to find ideas, you need to find problems. To find problems, talk to people. This golden rule applies to the initial stages of your startup development, namely the creation of a customer journey map. You surely know what it means for the success of your product. In this guide you’ll find the useful hints on building your CJM with the help of in-depth interviews.