Fulcrum is looking for a Data Scientist to join our project!

Fulcrum is looking for a Data Scientist to join our project on a project basis (part-time)!

About Fulcrum: We’re a team of tech-savvy, creative & passionate IT professionals. We’ve created a vibrant and performance-driven culture for ourselves where everyone is free to think & act outside the box. There are literally no limits to what you can do here, as long as we WOW our clients and OVER deliver what we promise.

In this project in the first phase, we need to process data from the patient and match it with a specific radiologist, most likely using queue theory.

Required skills:
— 2+ years of work experience as a Data Scientist;
— Experience with Markov Theory;
— Strong problem-solving and communication skills;
— Experience using statistical computer languages (Python, SQL, etc.) to manipulate data and draw insights from large data sets;
— Data-oriented personality;
— A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques;
— Good math background;
— Experience in queue theory (nice to have).

Main responsibilities:
— Write Python script;
— The present result to the client and tune the system to requirements.

What we offer:
— Flexible schedule & opportunity to work remotely;
— Opportunity to work full remotely;
— Opportunity to boost your professional & personal growth;
— Regular team gathering activities;
— Friendly & open team who have fun creating cool projects together;

How we operate:
— We promise dramatic professional growth & interesting work;
— Bring ideas that will change how Fulcrum operates, and you will receive our gratitude and rewards;
— Your opinion matters. Fulcrum is not a typical ’bureaucratic company, and our employees are our core value;
— Your compensation grows with your responsibility zone;
— If something doesn’t go smoothly or can be simplified, just let us know — you are welcome to do so;
— You have a say in everything we do, starting from the roadmap, creating requirements, sprint planning, etc.;
— If you feel that everything above is about you, get in touch. We’re always glad to welcome stubborn, enthusiastic, and result-oriented buddies to our team.

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