MVP Assembly Line

The first-ever MVP production line in the world. In case you're planning to develop a minimum viable product, you've come to the right place and right on time.

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MVP approach

At Fulcrum we set up the minimum team with the minimum amount of resources and the minimum scope needed to release your product. We also utilize no-code tools and multiple development shortcut to save time.

  • Small core team: Product Owner, full-stack developers
  • Minimum functionality to include
  • Using ready-made solutions
Who is this for?

This service is suitable for early-stage startups that have an idea with unlimited potential, yet limited investments & time. MVP is the way to go in the following cases:


You have a side project idea you wish to test with minimum time and resources. Perfect.


Releasing a product to the market as quickly as possible

Side Project

Testing an idea with real users before committing to full development


Simplified development with minimum investments.

It’s MVP o’clock

Quirks and perks of MVP development:

We set up small and agile team including Product Owner and developers. That's all you need to start.
Launch early
At the end of the Assembly Line, you’ll receive a reliable and sturdy Ford Model T. It’s going to be legen… — wait for it — …dary!
Leaner startup
Build, test, measure, fast. It’s like Lean Startup, but leaner.
Monthly fee
We get it. Money’s tight. That’s why everything is predictable and fixed.
Weekly reports
There will be no secrets between you and us. We'll even like your photos on Instagram.
We’ve launched damn good MVPs. We did it before – we can do this again!
How do we do it?


It took thousands of years for humanity to discover electricity. We need a few days…. We'll set the goals of the product straight, define vital needs and prepare all of the documentation.


Design that turns heads. We will create initial wireframes, branding and final UI for your app. Good enough? Nah… absolutely fabulous.

(No-code or custom)

We are using the most powerful no-code solutions, like Bubble, that let you build ready-made web apps with just enough functionality to validate your startup idea.

Release (go-to-market strategy)

8 billion people are dying to try your product. Our team will make sure your app is live & available for the entire world to see.

Test your neat idea
Core Functionality
Attracting Investors
Faster Time-to-Market
Market Validation
Meet the

Depending on the nature of your project, we can provide you with a full-fledged team of assemblers or only the essential crew to kick off development. A full MVP team looks somewhat like this:

Svitlana Filipova

Product Owner

Say hi to Svitlana, our Product Owner, her job is our tactical response to product management.

Svitlana translates the product vision into actionable tasks and works with cross-functional agile teams to execute those requirements.

Yurii Zakharov

Product manager

Say hi to Yurii, our Product Manager, who is basically our client service affiliate, checking in on the client’s feedback and adjusting roadmaps

Having a deep understanding of customer needs and market trends, Yurii makes crucial product decisions that hit the business goals.

Fedir Makatera

Lead Designer

Fedir has 30+ projects under his belt, and he’s worked on Buff, Mercedes-Benz Ukraine and many more.

Fedir lives in Troieshchyna, and we suspect that he has no fear in this life. As a UI/UX designer, he is responsible for both research and creating an intuitive user interface.


  • 01

    Solid MVP

    A Minimum Viable Product with enough features to test it with a real audience, the safest way to test an idea without risking all your money.

  • 02

    Landing page

    In the marketing realm, a landing page is usually a standalone page, that serves a focused purpose, like promoting your product.

  • 03

    UI design for your project

    An easy-to-implement, thought-out UI design that connects your product with your target audience.

  • 04


    We always prepare documentation and materials that will be crucial in later stages of development.

Still not sure?

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