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We are a Development Studio that works with startups that are looking for ideation, design & product development. Focusing mostly on building marketplaces, we ask ourselves before taking on any project: Will it help others? Do we really believe in it? Our goal here is to have all the people on Earth using the apps we've built.

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Together, we’re a dream team that serves up ideas and inspiration so we can disrupt the IT industry for good. Explore the projects that we’ve worked on.


A custom-developed 7 million-user gaming platform which rewards users just for playing.

Today, BUFF is real market player with millions users worldwide and thousands transactions daily. Becoming the Israel’s first company that entered IPO, BUFF already partnered with Overwolf, LEGO, Hulu, Alienware, Monster Energy.

  • IPO The first publicly traded gaming company that entered IPO & raised $9 million
  • 9M+ People use BUFF worldwide
  • 450K+ Daily active users that play over 3, 000 000 matches every day


The first-ever educational platform for drivers in Norway.

Kör is an online platform in Norway which allows booking driving programs & lessons online. It keeps track of users’ private practice driving and lets family & friends be involved in the process.

  • Launch The company has sold driving lessons and courses for 2.5 million NOK
  • 4,6M NOK Investments raised
  • Largest Driving school in Norway where people have already received their licenses

Mercedes-Benz Ukraine

Complete website overhaul for Ukraine’s largest dealer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Mercedes-Benz Ukraine needed a new & more efficient website to replace the old one. The previous website was based on the official Mercedes Benz template resulting in low usability, poor conversion & lack of all necessary functions. So, we gladly took on the job to radically improve it.

“They've analysed what we need and had provided us with a design of an innovative, functional & user-friendly website”

Olga Belova

Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Ukraine
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You don't just stumble into successful work and meaningful relationships. We are a team, not a family. Our deliberate daily efforts shape how we treat our clients, our teammates, and ourselves. This is how we run the business.

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Always talk to the user. To master customer obsession we focus on the things we can do to consistently provide great experiences.

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Everyone who joins Fulcrum changes the company a bit. We hire bar-raisers with talent and execution in mind.

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This isn't just business, it's personal. The connections we form go way beyond transactional tie-ups. We don't leave our passions or likenesses at the door. We come as our fullest selves.