Mercedes-Benz Ukraine Car Dealer Website
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Project length:

~5 months

Main tech stack:

Node js

React Native


TypeScript & more

Goals & Challenges

About the project

Mercedes-Benz Ukraine needed a new & more efficient website to replace the old one.

The previous website was based on the official Mercedes Benz template resulting in low usability, poor conversion & lack of all necessary functions.

So, we decided to develop an appealing and functional website that would require less time to maintain, be more user-friendly, and increase user trust.

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Why to redesign the old website?

  • Complicated CJM (Customer Journey Map)
  • Low conversion rate
  • No user-centric approach
  • Confusing website navigation
  • Lack of key features for a car dealer website (loan calculator, spare parts shop, etc)
  • Poorly designed car comparison options

Project Goals


01. Create a responsive car dealer website

We aimed to create an inclusive and responsive web design to ensure fast-loading & smooth experience on all devices.

02. Impress with efficient UX/UI design

We strove to introduce stunning UI/UX solutions within simple yet effective car dealer’s website design.


03. Deliver conversion-focused design

We improved the website’s conversion rate with the help of call-to-action buttons, logical structure, advanced search functionality, comfortable menus & much more.


04. Build a functional admin panel

Our goal was to create a functional and user-friendly admin panel to allow managing content manually (for website administrators).

mercedes cars
Fulcrum's work

Test-drive Scheduling

Experience what it's like to sit behind the wheel in 4 easy steps:
1. Choose a vehicle
2. Read the rules
3. Set up time & give contacts
4. Get the confirmation

test-drive scheduling

The Ultimate
Test Drive

Car catalog

In the catalog, users can check the models available for a test drive & find all the essential info about the car.
Just book & drive.
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test-drive set-up

Users can check the rules of test drive sessions & add their license info.

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& Filters

With the advanced search features, customers can find the car they want to try out in a few clicks.
mercedes app search & filters

Car Comparison Tool

Choosing between multiple vehicles is a chore, so we developed a helpful car comparison mechanism to do the heavy lifting.

car comparison tool mercedes app

Comparison made easy

Users can analyze pros and cons of each vehicle, compare features, warranties, engines, fuel economy, passenger room, trunk space, price & much more.

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Auto Loan

With an automatic loan calculator, users can estimate their car payments. All they need to do – just enter the info & see the amount of monthly payments.

Calculate your payment

The loan calculator lets users estimate the loan pricing taking into account the first payment, loan duration, car pricing, legal issues.

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Fast loan application

The calculator is API connected meaning that users can apply for a loan directly on the website while viewing available cars, which simplifies lead generation.

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Order Spare Parts

We’ve created a website functionality that helps clients to find & order spare parts within minutes.

order spare parts functionality

From PDF Catalog
to Online Store

Previously, the site offered a PDF catalog instead of an actual web store, so users had to make numerous phone calls to make an order.


After the redesign, users can see car availability, pricing and order any accessory right away from the online store. At the same time, admins can quickly update and adjust any information.


Functional Admin Panel

Complete control over all features and functions. Customizable website content allows making changes without external help.

  • Functional dashboard
  • Multiple website administrator roles
  • Personalized approach for customers
  • Widget administration
  • Newsletter and SMS management

The Grid

mercedes benz app grid

Fonts & Colors

fonts and colors mercedes benz app

Tech stack

tech stack


Client’s Review

“They’ve analyzed what we need and had provided us with a design of an innovative, functional & user-friendly website”


Olga Belova

Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Ukraine