Zuri - Digital Fertility Clinic




Main Tech Stack:


React Native

Webflow CMS


About the project

Zuri, a fertility startup, needed an urgent development help. Their previous development team struggled to build the product, and the release was just 2 and a half months away. And that’s when we stepped in to assist Zuri Fertility. Fulcrum rolled up our sleeves, cracked jokes, and got down to hard work.

But hey, let’s rewind a bit.


Zuri Project Team

The entire team has been working full-speed to bring Zuri to life. The team included a Project Owner, a Backend Lead, 2 Node.js Developers, 2 React Native Developers, and a Design Lead.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

The first code review of the existing product didn’t go well. Turns out, the app needed some serious TLC – like starting from scratch kind of TLC. And here’s the kicker – Zuri Fertility had this tight deadline with the investors, so we had to pull off building a whole new app in just 2 months. Well, challenge accepted, right? Right!

1. Create a mobile app in 3 months & get App Store & Google Play approval.
2. Craft documentation from scratch.
3. Give Zuri app and all branding materials a fresh new look.
4. Make Zuri HIPAA-compliant.

Fulcrum's Work

Telehealth Functionality

The most complex feature in Zuri is Telehealth. This app lets you schedule appointments with various healthcare providers, mental health specialists, nutritionists, and economists. Providers create personalized care plans using tailor-made intake forms and personal Zoom meetings, which users can attend from anywhere in the world.

Users can conveniently access their laboratory results directly from the app.

To make their fertility journey even better, our patients can link their accounts with their partners for shared access to appointments, care plans, and test results.



Integration with Healthie

To connect with providers, we integrated Healthie, a telehealth and practice management platform designed specifically for healthcare and wellness professionals. This integration was a challenge due to its incompatible requirements.


HIPAA Compliance

During the construction of Zuri, we established a HIPAA-compliant architecture based on AWS\GCP services, analyzed 3rd party integrations for HIPAA compliance, and set up a secure data transfer system between all elements using the best security practices.


Cycle Tracking

Female users can easily track their cycle, sexual activity, and various symptoms in the calendar. The data is directly accessible to their doctor, who can adjust the care plan or provide additional recommendations to the patient.


Complex Subscriptions

Users can now make in-app purchases seamlessly. We’ve implemented various internal status updates to ensure a super smooth payment process. So, get ready for personalized notifications, cool UI hints, and other awesome tweaks that make subscribing a breeze.


Education Hub

Right from the mobile app, you can access a hub of videos and other resources to guide you through the fertility journey.



The initial design was quite inconsistent in terms of colors, fonts, and styles. We kicked things off by creating a new design file and holding a branding workshop to outline the project’s business goals.

Plus, the Fulcrum design team gave Zuri’s branding a makeover to better showcase its values and appeal to users. The logo, colors and overall style have been completely revamped.


Old Design Style

The initial UI needed makeover, it was inconsistent across the app and didn't reflect brand identity.


Logo Options

We have created dozens variants of new logos for Zuri. Some of those you can see below.



Using Midjourney for Branding

For the sake of the experiment, we used Midjourney to create illustrations and we loved the result.


New Fresh Look





Tech Stack



Together with Zuri Fertility founders, we’ve successfully created a robust digital fertility clinic ready for user testing. There are even more amazing things in the pipeline, so stay tuned!