Flex - Cognitive Rehabilitation Platform






Tech Stack

Unity, Node, React


What's Flex?

Our development agency created a cutting-edge cognitive rehabilitation platform to help people with brain injuries recover. The platform has two parts: one for patients, made with Unity, and another for healthcare providers, made with React.js and Node.js. This project is under NDA, so the names and design are altered.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

The main aim was to offer tailored cognitive rehab plans to patients, focusing on interactive exercises, progress tracking, and easy communication. We needed to integrate smoothly with EHR systems, ensure data security, and stay within budget. Reliability, speed, user-friendly experience, and attractive design were also key priorities.

  1. Build patient software with Unity
  2. Build doctors dashboard
  3. Make sure the product is HIPAA compliant
  4. Create compelling UX and design




Project Workflow

The project followed an agile development approach, with iterative sprints focusing on feature development, testing, and feedback incorporation. Continuous integration and deployment pipelines were established to ensure efficient development cycles and timely delivery of updates.


Tech Challenges

Interactive Cognitive Exercises Development

Not only did we need to design and implement engaging cognitive exercises, but also maintain compatibility across various devices.


Data Security and Privacy

Meeting data protection rules like HIPAA and GDPR required strong security for storing and sending data.


Integration with EHR Systems

Connecting with different EHR systems needed us to follow standard protocols like HL7/FHIR for smooth data sharing.


Remote Monitoring and Real-Time Data Processing

Analyzing patient activity data instantly for useful insights to healthcare providers needed efficient data processing and analytics.


Accessibility and Customization

Ensuring easy access for patients with cognitive and physical challenges while offering plenty of customization options posed a special challenge in UI/UX design.


User Roles

The platform offers personalized cognitive rehabilitation programs, interactive exercises, progress tracking, communication features, educational resources, and customization options tailored to individual patient needs. The doctor dashboard facilitates patient management, real-time monitoring, performance analytics, remote intervention, and collaboration among healthcare providers.


Functionality of the Patient App

Personalized Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs


Tailored cognitive exercises designed to target specific cognitive deficits such as memory, attention, problem-solving, language, and executive function are at the core of this platform. It also features adaptive difficulty levels to gradually challenge and progress patients based on their abilities and improvements.


Functionality of the Patient App


Progress Tracking and Feedback


Patients and their caregivers can track their individual performance and progress over time. They can also to provide patients with feedback on their achievements and areas needing improvement.



Functionality of the Doctor App

Patient Management and Monitoring


The rehabilitation specialists can view all enrolled patients, their diagnosis, rehabilitation goals, and treatment plans. They are able to track patient progress in real-time and monitor their adherence to the program.


Functionality of the Doctor App

Performance Analytics and Reports


The platform features detailed analytics and performance metrics for each patient, including cognitive assessment scores, exercise completion rates, and progress trends.



HIPAA Compliance

We ensured that the platform complies with HIPAA regulations, implementing robust security measures to protect patient data. This included encryption of data in transit and at rest, access controls, regular security audits, and training for staff on HIPAA compliance.



We really wanted to make this platform as user-friendly as we possibly can. Therefore, we prioritized intuitive user interfaces, engaging visual elements, and seamless navigation to ensure a positive user experience for both patients and healthcare providers. We also integrated accessibility features to accommodate diverse user needs, including adjustable font sizes and color contrast options.



Tech Stack



The new cognitive rehab platform not only helped patients with personalized plans and easy communication with doctors, but also left our client impressed. Its beautiful design and scalable structure ensured great patient experience. Even though we had to handle complicated tech stuff like integrating with EHR systems and ensuring security, we still made it work. This project shows how we use the latest tech to solve big healthcare problems while keeping things simple.