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Fulcrum knows how to build your marketplace faster, more efficiently, with focus on UX.

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Plenty of experience, ready-made tested solutions that speed up development by at least 30%, as you’ve figured, marketplaces are sort of our thing. Looking for proper conversion rates, king-size search engine traffic and a legion of happy end-users? You’ve come to the right place.


Smooth integrations that save 30% development time

UX for

400% conversion increase on some of our projects thanks to UX


~ up to 10 markeplaces in our portfolio


Small and agile team with 0 beauracracy

Chicken & egg problem

In a marketplace founders have to continuously juggle supply and demand, finding opportunity in each field.

From the product perspective – we help you build the convenient user flows for each role, so that they can close their needs in the most efficient way.

Not only that, but we also try to use as much of the ready-made solutions, so that you can build your product fast, too.

Common functionality

Marketplaces are the matchmakers of the business world, uniting the forces of supply and demand. But for those who run the show, the challenge is a tricky one: cracking the infamous chicken and egg dilemma, again and again, to keep both sides of the coin happy.


We use Auth0 integration, that not only saves development time, but also provides a really simple way to log in.


With filters, sidebars, and direct search users can quickly find the desired service/item.

Listing system

The goal - let user quickly choose the right iterm. It might include a personalized feed for each user.

Chat with
a seller

We build chats with Getstream.io so that a user can quickly find out questions he’s interested in.y


We can integrate PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, Apple/Google Pay for the fastest checkout process.


Easy way to view purchases, cancel subscription, add any neccessary billing info.


Explain to seller how the platform works & collect all the information in the most user-friendly way.

Post a

The main goal is to make it easy for a seller to create an offer with customization functionality.

Chat with
a buyer

We build chats with Getstream.io so that makes messaging fast and simplified for both parties.

Booking &

We build complex payment flows with tax & fee calculations on top of it.


It might include sales volume, customer engagement stats, efficiency of each placement.

As always,
Usability is critical

We base our UX solutions on research findings and have achieved a 400% increase in revenue of online sales after implementing them. Our UX/UI designers have worked on many marketplaces and know the best practices in the market.

Usability Heuristics
Nielsen heuristics is our guiding star, whenever we create designs.
Ready-made UI kit
Not only does it help to speed up development, but helps to keep everything consistent.
Easy navigation
We use breadcrumbs, topbar and a sidebar to make it very easy to find the needed items.
Accessability Standards
Our designs make use of the contrast of fonts and elements, as well as the use of different means to transcend information, not just colour.
Smart Layout
We understand that people scan for information, that’s why we design pages that are very easy to skim read.
Tech Stack

Our tech stack is up-to-date and meets all the criteria most marketplaces require. For instance, Next.js is superior in terms of SEO optimization and performance. We also can use WordPress as long as the functionality allows it.














React Native

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Google Cloud
Platform (GCP)

save time

We’ve elevated marketplace development from good to great with powerful integrations that enhance user experience, save time, increase efficiency and ultimately drive growth.


for custom chats

Looker Studio + BigQuery

for data visualisation


for functional admin panels


for user authentication

Realm and Mongo Atlas Sync

to build real-time apps much faster


for payment processing

Fulcrum Rocks Portfolio

If we had a dollar for every marketplace we’ve created, we would have $6. Which is not a lot, but it’s great that it has happened six times!


A competitive marketplace of physicians offering their consulting services.

FlipMD is an open, competitive marketplace of physicians offering their consulting services to a wide range of clients seeking medical expertise.

  • 500 Acquired by Fortune 500 company
  • 2500 Registered doctors on the platform
  • $100 k Raised in its first seed round


A matchmaking platform that connects young professionals with their dream employers.

Belgian startup Launch is a digital matchmaking platform for students & young professionals that connects great talents with great companies.

  • 4 Months to build an MVP
  • Top Successful partnerships with Proctor & Gamble, McKinsey & Company, Proximus & others
  • UX Praised by Launch users


A marketplace for managing financial assets.

We’ve created a web insurance marketplace* that makes managing insurance deals much easier and more efficient.

  • 5 months Months to build an MVP
  • Features Platform has many features like inner chat, bids & purchases, servicing dashboard, reporting system, etc
  • Landing We have also created a Marketing landing page for capturing leads.


An expert-driven education web & mobile platform for parents.

Bloss is an education platform that helps parents and parents-to-be with starting a family and raising their little ones.

  • 95k Users from 170 countries
  • 530% Growth since the MVP was released
  • 200 Qualified experts on the platform


A complete overhaul of Glo's website user experience for BAT.

British American Tobacco (BAT) is a global tobacco company. Its products include cigarettes, tobacco, and such nicotine brands as the tobacco heating device Glo

  • 600% Conversion Growth
  • 80% Longer Session Duration
  • 400% In Website Revenue
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Looking for a trustworthy partner to develop your marketplace? Fulcrum has a unique set of skills and experiences in building marketplaces for different industries, making us the Swiss Army Knife of marketplace creation. We would be thrilled to collaborate with you!


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