Fin.peace – marketplace for managing financial assets




Project length:

~ 5 months

Main tech stack:




TypeScript & more


About the project

We’ve created a web insurance marketplace* that makes managing insurance deals much easier and more efficient. Inside it, users can explore the policy’s quality & profitability, purchase safely and generate better revenues.


*Please note that the project’s name & the data provided in the visuals are changed deliberately due to the client’s confidentiality request

Goals & Challenges

Project goals

Our customer is an established financial company, that wanted to innovate its business model and create a marketplace that would:

  • Make selling & purchasing financial assets easier

  • Enable tracking assets value through its lifecycle

  • Increase average asset price thanks to the effective marketplace

  • Grow the market share and retention rate with a better customer experience

Fulcrum's work

What was done

  • Secure & effective marketplace
  • MVP to get user feedback
  • Web platform, which supports 2 roles: Sellers and Buyers
  • Admin panel for users, companies, and assets management
  • Landing page to introduce the platform

Discovery flow


1. Defining personas
2. Analyzing business processes
3. Describing user flows
4. Prioritizing MVP features


1. Mindmap
2. Wireframing session
3. Low-fidelity prototype
4. Adaptive design


1. Visual concept
2. High-fidelity prototype
3. UI kit & design system
4. Interactive prototype

Buyer's flow

buyers flow

Platform Functionality


To provide rapid and, most importantly, secure authorization, we’ve integrated AuthO which allows users to log in easily & safely via their email or mobile number.

fin peace sign up


We’ve built two marketplaces – secondary and tertiary ones. The last one enables investors to check tertiary financial assets and add them to portfolios.

finpeace marketplace

Bids & purchases

To let users access assets quickly & efficiently, the platform offers a Bids & Purchases section.

finpeace bids and purchases

Servicing Dashboard

For asset holders, we’ve created a servicing dashboard that displays how the assets are being serviced.

servicing dashboard

In-Platform Communication

We added inner chat, client inbox, and notifications to enable communication inside the platform, inform users about any marketplace changes & prompt them to act.

fin peace chats

Reporting system

To ease up the user experience, we‘ve created a comprehensive reporting system with the insurance info.

reporting system

Landing page

A responsive & functional landing page introduces the platform to new users and enables their registration & login.

fin peace landing page

fin peace landing page


Admin Panel

Admin panel allows admins to manage users, create reports, audit logs & have full back-end access.


Tech stack

fin peace tech stack


Client's review

They’re good communicators, and they have a good process in place so it’s easy to follow exactly what they’re doing and understand their progress

CEO at Fin.peace