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Hire the top 1% of technical talent, the kind you'll wish would stay for years.

Sorry, can't find you an engineer
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But we promise to find amazing candidates who will stay with you for years.

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The Magic

Everything starts with how well we understand your requirements and goals. If we have a clear picture of what your needs are, we can find just the engineers that will suit perfectly.

your expectations

Defining a clear profile for your engineer is 50% of the success. That’s why we gather detailed expectations, your company info, your goals and processes.

the right match

Our technical skills assessment is done by Senior engineers only, which guarantees you get the best skilled candidates.

Keeping the team
happy & motivated

Our developers stick around for over three years on average, because they love where they work.

Work with
1% of funnel

Our selection process is higly flexible and we adjust to your style of work. On the other hand, we make sure to find and present top 1% of the funnel, fast.

English Language
& Soft Skills Screening

We always check for English language knowledge and make sure it’s your culture match.


If there’s a need for a technical test task, we use advanced AI-powered tools to automate it.


We use internal matrix of competence to validate tech skills. Not only that, all tech interviews are held by Senior engineers.


We also do a background check and get info from previous employers.

Centres of excellence
Expertise from 100s of projects
Faster problem solving
Hire one engineer with Fulcrum. Get the knowledge of the entire community

With experience from about 100 projects, we've solved many challenges. By accessing our internal knowledge base, consulting the team, your engineering team can quickly address and resolve issues.

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We make onboarding easy

The first days at work are critical. Great onboarding helps new hires feel welcomed and well-prepared from day one.


Before starting, the new hire will be well-versed in your processes and fully briefed on your company.

Efficient Weekly

We will have weekly check-ins with you to quickly resolve any issues that come up.


Before the trial period ends, we will collect feedback from peers and create a personalized learning plan for your team members.

Support &

Continuous support and resources will be provided to ensure the new hire integrates successfully into their role.

for healthcare

Finding engineers with specific Healthcare domain knowledge is even harder. We got you covered.

Finding engineers with specific Healthcare domain knowledge is even harder. We got you covered.

healthcare talent
Thanks to our company’s expertise in Healthcare, we can find and select engineers, who understand complexities of Healthcare domain & security and compliance.
Knowledge Base
Our employees will be able to access our Healthcare Centre of Excellence and internal knowledge base, collected from many projects. This means they will use all this knowledge and skills on your project.
What does it really cost, to hire an engineer in US?

Recruiting is costly and time-consuming, and many people underestimate the total expense of hiring an engineer in the United States, including recruiting fees, equipment, and other associated costs.

Classic hiring in-house

HR benefits
Recruitment salary & bonuses
Administrative work
Laptops & other gear
Job postings & background checks
150 hours time spent

Hiring with Fulcrum

Save time on onboarding
No recruitment costs
Pre-vetted candidates, fewer tech interviews
Hire for years
to come

Our developers stick around for over three years on average, because they love where they work. Our eNPS is 60. On average people stay with us for 3 years & more. Each person has a customized learning plan & is always growing and highly motivated.


Personalized learning plans & education reimbursement, internal knowledge sharing;


Social package, medical insurance, sick leaves & vacations covered;


We engage employees through events, mentorship programs, and team-building activities.

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