We make WordPress fast, efficient and beautiful.

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Fast & Easy
to Customize

WordPress becomes slow and hard to customize if you overuse plugins and themes. But if you use basic Wordpress version with some custom JavaScript code - it becomes a powerful solution.

Speed & Efficiency

We use basic WordPress, minimum plugins and custom JavaScript code to make your Wordpress site fast like a lightning

Beautiful designs & animations

We can create & implement almost any design you want on Wordpress.

Ecommerce store

Build an ecommerce store, integrate payments on Wordpress.

SEO solutions

With Wordpress, it's pretty easy to optimize your website for SEO.

More affordable

The identical app created completely with custom code will cost you 3x-5x as much.

Much Faster Development

Thanks to functionality like admin panel & more you save tons of time on development.

Validate your
idea faster

On WordPress you can build a product pretty fast, get the first user feedback and then go custom.

Easy to Customize

WordPress can be highly customizable in terms of functionality and design.

Customization Capabilities

Create anything using WordPress, from a compelling Marketing website to a fast and efficient web app.

Custom JavaScript code on top of the basic WordPress version
Stunning designs & animations
Complex functionality (store, payments, anything)
Minimum plugins and themes
Why work
with Fulcrum?

Here's our work principles and code we stand by.


Your project is of paramount importance. Each of us will fight for its future.

on the UX

Our UX department is so strong that our manuals are used by more than 5 000 UX specialists.


We hire top 1% of the recruitment funnel.


One place to monitor all progress and updates in real time.

Don't take
our word for it!

These are some very real reviews from our customers, that loved working with us. We had to change some of the names because of NDA, but all reviews are real.

Darlene Robertson7:25am

A huge thank you to everyone who worked on the project from the team, it was a pleasure and honor working with you. Fulcrum Rocks!

Esther Howard4:23pm

Thank you to all of Fulcrum for the incredible support!

I would never have made it without you!

Kristin Watson3:01pm

I just want to say that the progress is awesome, it looks very close to done and it’s great to see that. The hard work was worth it. I’m looking forward to the demo later today

Linda Smith7:50am
Thanks for delivering project on schedule. It looks great
Kira Stasy6:31pm
It looks good and the New Gui is very nice in my opinion. She did a good job.
Paul Kilmer6:44pm
Fell asleep before i hit send on the below! Release 2.4 is approved! You must be so proud! It looks amazing. I have a few small typos to send over that i’ll gather tomorrow.
vs Custom Dev

Depending on your objectives, it would be wiser to choose wither WordPress or Custom development.

Custom Development: Very clear vision Validated concept 3+ months of development Great scalability
WordPress: Strict timelines Limited budget Concept not validated
No large volumes of data
Uncover 90% issues on your
site with online website audit.

Everything works like a machine to bring conversions in.

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Questions about WordPress

Everything you wanted to know about WordPress development at Fulcrum.

  • 01

    Is it true that WordPress is slow & not easy to customize?

    Wrong. WordPress becomes slow when people overuse plugins, themes, and other ready-made solutions. Too many plugins create conflicts, get outdated, cause your website to slow down and be impossible to customize.

    Our approach is to work with the basic version of WordPress, adding custom JavaScript code on top of it to make it efficient, fast and highly customizable.

  • 02

    What are the benefits of using WordPress?

    • – WordPress is much more affordable. A web app created with fully custom development will cost you 2X or 3X the price.
    • – WordPress is much faster to build thanks to the fact that it has features in the box + ready-made solutions and a large community and documentation.
    • – High level of customization – we will talk about that later. But in terms of customization, it’s almost like custom development.
    • – It has already built-in features like admin panel, database structure, media gallery.
    • – Most apps have 80% of features very alike, which means that most of the functionality you can build with WordPress & save tons of time and costs.
    • – It has ready SEO solutions like adding meta tags, URL creation (these features are hard to do from scratch).
    • – Many ready-made solutions already. For instance, integrations with Stripe can be done very quickly because there’s a ready-made solution for that.
  • 03

    What are the limitations in WordPress?

    If you use minimum plugins, basic version of WordPress and custom code on top of it – there are almost no limitations. You can create almost anything you want, both design and functionality-wise.

    The major limitation is the amount of transactions and high load. When you have tons of traffic, it’s better to go custom.
    Therefore, WordPress is a good option to create your MVP saving time and money, and once you have validated your idea, you can go custom.