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Project length:

6 months (pre-release)


Main tech stack:




MySQL & other


About the project

HÖR is an independent online music platform & collective and cultural community space based in Berlin-Kreuzberg founded in 2019.

Launched firstly as a Berlin-based online radio station, HÖR increased its profile significantly amid the COVID-19 pandemic with a number of DJs passing through its unique bathroom-like studio setting to play live-streamed sets.

Goals & Challenges

Project goals

The HÖR web platform was created to bring quality DJ sets to the masses. Its primary purpose is to get people who appreciate music and DJs together. That is why the platform had to be easy to manage and simple to use.


Thus, when designing & building it, we focused on simplicity, efficiency, scalability, and accessibility.

✔️ Keep it Simple

To let users enjoy their favorite DJ sets instantly & without distracting their attention with unnecessary & routine actions.

✔️ Most Efficient

To make platform management much most efficient in both resources- and time likewise minimizing unnecessary team interactions.

✔️ Scalable Solution

To be able to support growing loads of streams without slowing down the platform’s performance and speed.

✔️ Easy to Access

To allow music lovers to access quality DJ sets collected on their favorite web platform whenever they like.

Fulcrum's Work

Hör users

For the Hör web platform, we’ve created functionality that supports 4 main types of users:


An administrator has full access to managing pages, products, categories, users, site, and shop settings.


A moderator can’t change settings and doesn’t have access to important parts of the site. This user type is made for working with content and comments.

Free registered users

Free registered users have access to account pages & platform’s basic functionality.

Premium users

Premium users have no access to the admin panel but have a personal zone, membership info, favorites, id search, and more features.



DJ Library

We’ve designed a default library page that can be customized manually by an administrator. Meanwhile, users can create their personal libraries which are generated based on the selected tags or categories.

hoer dj library


Hör users can follow the performances of their favorite DJs by using the Calendar tab where upcoming streams are displayed.

hoer calendar

Hör Shop

We’ve embedded Shopify to allow the 0-promotion of products. Product thumbnails include titles, descriptions, prices, Add to cart, Share, and Wishlist buttons. Users can choose payment and delivery options, add and change addresses, and more using the woocommerce plugin.

hoer shop

Live Search

We’ve also made live Search as fast and smooth as possible. Users can find DJ sets by mood, genre, and artists, add tags and use them to create and customize new library pages.

hoer live search

Chat, Comment, Share

We’ve also added essential social network features. For example, people who bought a Premium membership can chat, add clips to favs, comment, share, and tag them. Saved content is accessible in separate tabs for tracks and full sets.

hoer chats and communication

Tech stack

hoer teck stack



  • over 400K loyal audience on social media

  • 5000+ signed users & over 800 Premium subscribers

  • hosts over 3000 DJs from over the world