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flip md




Project length:

less than 7 months

Main tech stack:




Redis, Redux & others


About the project

FlipMD is an open, competitive marketplace of physicians offering their consulting services to a wide range of clients seeking medical expertise.

Goals & Challenges



  • Open 21-port allowed connections via password. Potentially the access to the server could be hacked, exposing all user data, etc.
  • Re-login via email & hash password. Potentially allowed attackers to intercept access to user sessions
  • There were no rate limits


  • The site was extremely slow.
  • After some requests to the server, the page was reloaded entirely. This affected the performance and created a heavy load on the server
  • There was a chance of server downtimes with a further increase in load


  • No clear separation between a client’s and a consultant’s pages
  • Unclear descriptions of benefits, services, and the process
  • Form fields were unstructured and difficult to perception
  • The website provided a poor mobile experience


Gladly, the FlipMD team chose to work with us. Our mission was to drastically improve the website and make it a go-to platform both for healthcare practitioners looking for additional sources of income as well as companies/people looking for medical expertise.


UI/UX Audit

42 problems were identified, the main ones being:






🌀 A shortfall in trust building

lack of information about the service, benefits, information for doctors

🌀 No structure

unstructured registration and authorization process

🌀 Confusing flows

lack of separation and distinctive features between the client’s and consultant’s pages

🌀 Unintuitive design

unintuitive fields and buttons with no error prevention nor recognizable clickable elements



Audit by Scenarios

We played out usability scenarios from the perspective of the client and the consultant to better understand how the flows could be improved.

Usability criteria

The second part consisted of testing the website against common usability criteria and checking if it meets them. Guess what? It didn’t.

usability testing of flip md



The old website needed to be rebuilt from scratch into a new one leaving most of the existing functionality intact.

flip md chats


We wanted to overhaul the website experience by drastically improving the UX/UI and adding custom-built features on top of it.


flip md profile

Data migration

Our team performed a smooth data migration from the old servers to a new optimized and fast-loading website.

Fulcrum's Work


Simple and intuitive process.

Consultant flow

We’ve created a custom page for consultants to make it simple to:

• find a job;

• refer a colleague;

• message a client.

All jammed in an intuitive and easy-to-understand process.

consultant flow flip md

Client flow

The roles of a client and a consultant go hand in hand. They are like Batman and Robin. So a dedicated page for clients was done on our side, where one can:

• post a job;

• find a specialist;

• easily make payments.

flipmd client flow


We’ve integrated a fully-fledged messenger into the website that allows clients and consultants to communicate easily sharing sensitive files and info in a secure and private way.

flip md messenger

Dynamic Commission Calculator

We’ve also built a dynamic commission calculator for the FlipMD admin panel. It allows the admin to:

• attract specialists in certain fields of expertise by lowering commission rates;

• establish multiple sets of rules regarding the time of the year or physician’s medical specialization;

• run all the promotions simultaneously.

flip md calculator

Stripe integration

We’ve implemented a seamless integration with Stripe guaranteeing fast and secure transactions.

flip md dashboard

Referral system

Finding a physician that you fully trust can be somewhat difficult. Well, it takes one to know one… We’ve eased up the whole ordeal, with the good ol’ referral system.


Networking does pay off (literally).

flip md referral form

Autoscaling & resource management

Integrating autoscaling offered the facility for our clients to scale up and scale down the Cloud server resources as per their demands. Everything is taking place in an automatic manner, avoiding human intervention errors and reducing manpower and costs.

flip md job dashboard


Tech stack


  • React
  • Next.js
  • Redux


  • Node.js
  • Nest
  • TypeORM
  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Forest Admin
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


We’ve implemented MVP with additional features less in than 7 months. Right now there are already 2800 licensed medical doctors registered on the platform representing all states. In 2021, FlipMd was acquired by GoodRx, propelling its scope and scale.



7 months

to develop MVP




cost project




doctors registered