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What's Vie?

Fulcrum development agency had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Vie, a groundbreaking fertility care platform. Founded by a Harvard Professor, Carmen Messerlian, Vie is well on its way to revolutionize fertility care. Fulcrum team is very inspired by this product and proud to be working on it!

The research done by Carmen highlighted the impact of environment and lifestyle on couple’s fertility. Thanks to scientifically proven approach, each couple has proprietary Vie Score™ from fertility studies (based on modifiable predictors of fertility outcomes). Couples obtain personalized, informed data-driven guidance for fertility wellness optimization.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

The initial goal was to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and commence data collection from users. As the project progressed, the focus shifted towards increasing the chances of securing project financing. The overarching objective was to create a platform that not only addressed fertility health but also emphasized the interplay between both partners.

1. Launch simple MVP in time and on budget
2. Create a Marketing landing page
2. Secure funding

What did Fulcrum work on?

Discovery Stage

The Discovery stage aimed to prepare a comprehensive scope, design, and Product Requirements Document (PRD). Initially, founders planned to launch a web platform, but this soon has changed. We had to create a mobile app that would collect data from the users and
give them personalized recommendations.

1. Define Product Scope and Functionality
2. Create beautiful mobile app design and landing page
3. Create a pitch deck for attracting investments


Design for Vie



Development Stage

The development stage, completed in just one month, resulted in a product that utilizes surveys to provide personalized recommendations for boosting fertility chances. Key functionalities included authorization via Google, data collection using Survey Sparrow, scoring counting, and generating recommendations based on collected data. A chatbot, Ask Vie, educated by scientific materials, provided additional support.



Integration with ChatGPT

One standout feature of the Vie platform is Ask Vie. It’s a chatbot providing expert advice on fertility. It functions as a basic Learning Management System (LMS), powered by ChatGPT and educated with scientific materials from the client. Integrated with ChatGPT, Ask Vie continually learns and adapts. The LMS receives regular updates with the latest scientific insights, ensuring users access accurate and up-to-date information.


Data collection

The Vie platform uses diverse surveys to gather insights. Users engage in fertility surveys, answering targeted questions for a holistic understanding of reproductive health. Surveys go beyond basics, exploring nuanced factors. Users are prompted to track mood fluctuations and modifiable lifestyle factors that may influence fertility. This multi-faceted approach enables a more accurate evaluation of fertility patterns.



Vie Score & Personalized Suggestions

The Vie Score provides couples with a comprehensive snapshot of their fertility status. It serves as a valuable tool for users to track and monitor their progress over time. In addition to the Vie Score, the platform offers personalized suggestions tailored to each couple's unique situation. These suggestions cover a spectrum of factors including dietary recommendations, stress management strategies, and specific physical activity guidelines.


Tech Stack

Project Results


The team was really excited to work on the Vie platform. They saw it as a chance to make a real difference in fertility care and help people on their journey to becoming parents. This enthusiasm sparked creativity and teamwork, driving them to create a product that could have a positive impact on users’ lives.

1. created a mobile app in just a month
2. beautiful clickable prototype & pitch deck
3. positive client feedback