Product Team

A multidisciplinary team that builds, designs and improves your product, sounds like and an adventure, right? Well, it’s not, it’s our Product Team service, that is laser-focused on your goals, while you run your business.

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What is it?

Our Product Team service is an opportunity to build and maintain a product from the ground up, with all the engineering, creative and analytical roles at your disposal.

  • Cross-functional teams with wide array of expertise;
  • Clear documentation, and processes, to build long-lasting value;
  • Focus on usability and metrics.
vs outputs

Instead of having outcomes and plain problem-solving in the spotlight, at Fulcrum, we take on an outcome-focused approach, establishing actions that would best increase your product’s success chances. We not only solve the problem, we own it. Your success is our success.

Why do you
need it?

Our Product Teams take full responsibility for understanding your exact needs and creating a product that brings value to the market. While doing so, we communicate the benefits of our decisions, run experiments and constantly measure the product’s performance.

How do we
do it?

Let’s take a look at how our Product Teams work:

Typically, we work in short iteration cycles called sprints. Sprints are time-bound goals and outcomes. The product team meets regularly to review completed tasks and feedback to build a roadmap. This process ensures smooth coordination between different team members.

Stage 1

Research phase

(1-1.5 months)
  • Research
  • Prototyping, UI/UX design
  • Scoping & prioritisation
  • PRD & Architecture creation

Stage 2


(3-5 months)
  • Project planning
  • Development
  • 1-2 weeks project sprints
  • Weekly demo
  • Code freeze and deployment to the stage for feedback

Stage 3

First release

(1 month)
  • UAT (users’ acceptance testing)
  • Acceptance into App Store + Play Market
  • Define metrics
  • QA & Stabilization
  • Release
  • Analysis of user feedback

Stage 4

Ongoing development

  • Ideation
  • Engineering
  • Integration
  • Release
  • Analysis
Innovation opportunity
Customer focus
Strategy alignment
Meet the

There is no one-size-fits-all structure when it comes to product development. With our years of experience in digital products, we’ve realised the importance of keeping product teams agile and effective.

Yurii Zakharov

Product manager

Say hi to Yurii, our Product Manager, who is basically our client service affiliate, checking in on the client’s feedback and adjusting roadmaps

Having a deep understanding of customer needs and market trends, Yurii makes crucial product decisions that hit the business goals.

Oleksandr Harniichuk

Project Manager

Oleksandr can organise processes for any project, as passionately as he recites Ukrainian poetry. Oleksandr has worked on a healthcare product FlipMD, that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company!

As a project manager, Oleksandr makes sure everything runs smoothly and keeps track of what’s going on.

Bohdan Talantsev

Business Analyst

This is Bohdan, Fulcrum’s business analysis prodigy. Bohdan’s primary responsibility is to drive the client’s business processes by analysing its present state and suggesting specific solutions for improving organisational needs.

Michael Borozenets

Tech Lead

Michael is known to some as Fulcrum’s CTO, to others as the god of programming, as he can solve anything development-related. He always comes up with tech solutions that suit best for each and every project.

Technical requirements analysis and suggestion of tools and methodologies are his specialities.

Yuliia Zhesu


Meet Yuliia, our QA engineer, she has a knack for finding bugs. Yuliia focuses on improving software development processes and preventing defects in production. In other words, she ensures the software development team is doing the right things correctly.

Iryna Sirenko

Frontend Developer

Meet Iryna Sirenko! As a frontend developer, Iryna uses her mastery to ensure that the platform’s visuals look pixel-perfect and enable access to the software’s backend features. She knows all the ins and outs of how users will interact with a digital platform and does everything to optimise the experience.

Pavlo Rukhailo

Backend Developer

This is Pavlo Rukhailo, our experienced and seasoned code warrior. He is responsible for building scalable products capable of supporting future growth plans. Focusing on product performance and product security as well.

Fedir Makatera

Lead Designer

Fedir has 30+ projects under his belt, and he’s worked on Buff, Mercedes-Benz Ukraine and many more.

Fedir lives in Troieshchyna, and we suspect that he has no fear in this life. As a UI/UX designer, he is responsible for both research and creating an intuitive user interface.

Andrii Ovcharenko


Andrii Ovcharenko, our DevOps engineer — builds, tests and maintains the infrastructure and tools to facilitate speedy development and release of the software.

What to expect?

If you still have any questions, about the UX ropes or Audit odds and ends, we’ll gladly answer them in this FAQ.

  • Ability to iterate and improve quickly by leveraging customer feedback and product development best practices
  • Improved responsiveness through faster retargeting and execution, reducing end-to-end cycle times;
  • Stable and long-lasting teams can iterate with failsafe and save you money;
  • Constantly running experiments on improving the product at low costs;
  • Knowledge is retained due to the stability and relative persistence of the product team relative to the project team;
  • Maintaining architectural integrity by understanding the consequences of improper integrations.

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