BUFF - loyalty platform for gamers
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Project length:

since 2018

Main tech stack:




Nest, PostgreSQL & others


About the project

BUFF founders wanted to create a gaming loyalty platform that would reward users simply for playing. So, we start with building a complex desktop app that could handle high loads and was fraud-secure.

As the platform grew, got its first investments, and became popular with millions of users worldwide, we went for a mobile application as well. Recently, we’ve run a massive UI/UX revamp of the platform to make it more consistent and user-fit while adding new crucial functionality.

Goals & Challenges

Building a desktop platform

For BUFF, we had to build a complex desktop application, more like a universal support system for all types of games that are supported by Owervolf. The app had to be secure enough to avoid cheating and verification fraud, while also having the capacity to manage lots of users at the same time. So, our goals were:

  • develop a complex loyalty platform app
  • ensure high load management
  • provide strong anti-fraud security

buff dashboard

buff profile screens

Developing a mobile app

As BUFF evolved, its founders decided to create a mobile application with functionality identical to a desktop platform. So, in just 3 months, we had to:

  • build a full-fledged mobile app;
  • create an intuitive & responsive mobile design;
  • ensure the app has the same security & tech capacities;

buff mobile screens

buff sign up mobile

Redesigning UI/UX

Over time, BUFF’s design system started to lack consistency and grew outdated with overloaded screens and complicated UX. We also had to add some new social media features. So, during the redesign, we needed to:

  • update web design with new branding;
  • make platform consistent;
  • switch to a template design;
  • remove overloaded modules;
  • add new features

buff indentity

buff characters


buff dashboards
Fulcrum's work

Creating Desktop & Mobile apps

buff desktop and mobile app


The team managed to build a cross-platform loyalty program that enables gamers to earn coins in the background as they continue to play without interruption. Inside BUFF, there are:

Sign-up & personal profile

We provided quick sign-up via e-mail, Google, or Discord. So that users can create & manage their own personal profiles.

buff account


We’ve created a smooth & engaging onboarding flow with educative pop-ups to help users get acquainted with the platform.

buff onboarding

Games support

BUFF supports some of the most popular games so that users can play their favorite ones – like CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends – right in the app.


buff games

Daily tasks & challenges

The platform has a complex system of daily tasks and challenges for its users to get weekly bonuses, rewards, and, finally, make in-app purchases.


buff daily tasks and challenges

Live coin economy

BUFF live economy is provided by the AI- algorithm & based on real-time analysis of user’s performance – the best players earn the most coins.

buff economy

History & advanced stats

Users can track the history of games played and access advanced stats to review performance, and earnings, compare averages with other users, etc.

In-app marketplace

The platform has its own in-platform marketplace with native currency – BUFFs – which can be redeemed for real-life Items. Later, during a redesign, new categories, tags, & more features were added.

buff marketplace


Tech solutions

From a technical perspective, we managed to build not just one React app but a system of applications working in synergy and communicating via the EventBus pattern. As a highly-scalable & secure solution, BUFF has lots of tech perks hidden inside:

  • High load management

    achieved due to database optimization, autoscaling, and scalable microservices architecture

  • Custom Steam bot

    developed to integrate Steam items into BUFF so that users could get them as rewards

  • Strong anti-fraud security

    that prevents the use of any malicious properties, bot creation, or background mining & verifies users

  • Overwolf authorization

    BUFF passed rigorous tests of security and authenticity to partner with Overwolf

  • Secure in-app payments

    the team provided extra encryption for any transactions happening on the platform when users buy desired items

  • PlayStation partnership

    We’ve worked through open APIs to connect users’ PlayStation ID to their Buff accounts

  • BUFF advertising

    we elaborated a system that collects data from advertisers, analyzes it and builds ad indices accordingly


Redesigning BUFF

In just 2 months, Fulcrum designers ran a complete overhaul of the platform – we elaborated a consistent design system, switched to a template design, updated the app’s UX, and added new features to drive social networking:

A new design system created

We’ve adjusted the new branding created by an external agency to web design basics and made BUFF’s interface consistent across all platforms

buff design system

Tone of voice

The team developed a custom unified dictionary for consistent communication with users

buff banner

UX improvements

Fulcrum designers remastered the platform UX-wise & incorporated outcomes of the earlier conducted UX research

ux improvements buff


New Banner System

It allowed us to switch to a template design & unload designers, allowing the business team to work more efficiently:

buff banners

Adding new features

buff highlights


It allows users to record, edit, post, comment, & share moments from their plays.

buff premium


We’ve adapted the Premium subscription page to a new design system & made it user-friendly.

buff reward track

Reward Track

It’s a functionality – BUFF’s “battle pass” – that rewards gamers for time spent online.



buff team

Tech stack

FRONT-END: React, Redux, Saga, Immutable.js, GSAP, Jest/Enzyme

BACK-END: Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python, Docker

API: Overwolf, League of Legends



Today, BUFF is the real market player with millions of users worldwide and thousands of transactions daily. Becoming Israel’s first company that entered IPO, BUFF already partnered with Overwolf, LEGO, Hulu, Alienware, and Monster Energy.


the first publicly traded gaming company that entered IPO & raised $9 million


9 000 000 +

people use BUFF worldwide


450, 000+

daily active users that play over 3, 000 000 matches every day


Overwolf, LEGO, Playstation

partnered & runs special promotions with world-class game publishers



Client's review

Fulcrum executed a functional and reliable app that has exceeded user behavior and engagement KPIs. The proactive team excels at managing expectations and meeting milestones, delivering on time and within budget. They facilitate daily communication and in-person meetings and offer their own insights.


Elay De Beer