Security & Speed Audit for Wordpress sites

Run this website checker to get instant recommendations about your performance, SEO & security.

Wordpress Audit for your site

Wordpress is a solid and popular platform, but it does come off with a pack of vulnerability and speed issues. This website checker helps you detect those.

  • Analyze your SEO issues

  • Detect vulnerabilities and security threats

  • Find out why website speed is lagging behind

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This is one of my favorite tools to ever be featured on Product Hunt. Highly recommended! 🧐

Chris Messina@chrismessina

For anyone building on Wordpress - you might enjoy this website audit. Try it out.🛸

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Harsh truth: Most people never used this tool to upgrade their website, which is a big mistake.🎁

Aleksandr Volodarsky@volodarik

This Wordpress audit is astonishingly simple and nice. Have you used it for your website?


Found this Wordpress audit recently. To my mind, it’s like ChatGpt, only cooler 🔥🔥🔥

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Nobody likes a slow website

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  • Using Mozilla Observatory in order to scan your website & determine critical security issues.
  • Analysis of content security for your website (checking for ‘unsafe’ declarations)
  • Detecting cookies on your website, weather there’s Http strict transport security in place & scanning for X-Frame options, & many other tests.


  • Lighthouse performance audits that help to ensure users can interact with your content.
  • Check for render-blocking recourses, large images, third-party code.
  • Metrics like Total Blocking Time, First Contentful paint, Speed Index, etc;


  • Make sure search engines understand the contents of your page (meta descriptions, descriptive links,etc)
  • Understand if search engines can crawl and index your page (robots.txt, unsuccessful http status)
  • Checkup on how mobile-friendly your website is.
  • Structured data & wether you are likely to be included into rich snippets.
How to fix your
Wordpress website?

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