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Discovery & redesign




+ 400% in revenue


About the project

British American Tobacco (BAT) in Ukraine is a part of a global tobacco Group. Its products include cigarettes, tobacco, and other nicotine brands such as the tobacco heating device glo.

For BAT, we’ve conducted a profound Discovery for its brand of tobacco heating devices – glo – to improve its user experience & increase product performance. After that, we ran UX research and redesign of glo's website.

*This material does not contain any tobacco heating product advertorial materials, it serves as a portfolio showcase of Fulcrum Rocks LLC, and any visual content is used for illustratory purposes only.

glo device
Goals & challenges


Research and plan the development of the glo mobile app

Started as a Discovery for glo mobile app, we also made a UX research of glo website for its further redesign & took focus on PWA instead. Why? At that moment, PWA was the most efficient way to fix product’s current pains & boost its performance.

Perform a UX audit of the current glo website

To detect the website’s pain points & improve its conversion, we did UX research. Its scope included a website UX audit, interviews with call center employees, user interviews, and usability testing.

Assist in creating the new website design

After extensive research and analysis, our UX designers took part in the website redesign for glo.



glo app

Fulcrum's Work

Research & analysis

Vision workshop & stakeholders interviews

We needed to define how the future product could satisfy the business needs of each BAT stakeholder. So, we held interviews with each of them to inline their expectations & vision of the app.

Google Analytics Research

Analysing GA reports, we defined which user types bring more revenue to the business, their behavior patterns, and their most frequent requests.

Competitor Research

Using available public data, we examined glo’s competitors in global & local markets, their performance, features, design, users’ needs & much more.

Benchmark Research

The team researched industry benchmarks, their main blockers & success factors.

User Interviews & CJM

Before building a customer journey map, our UX designer conducted deep user interviews. They allowed us to define glo customers’ profiles, their gains & pains, and what they lack now and might need in the app.

Telegram Bot Research

We’ve analyzed 100+ user sessions & identified top problems glo customers reach out with.


Based on the outcomes of the prioritization session we held together with stakeholders, the team created the app’s user stories & described user flows.



Age verification

With age verification functionality, customers are able to confirm their eligibility to use tobacco heating devices.

glo age verification


We prepared a quick & detailed Onboarding flow to help users learn what they can do inside the app.

glo onboarding

Registration & Login

We added simple Signup & Login via phone number to let customers enter the app faster.


User profile

We let users add & edit their personal details (first name and surname, date of birth, gender, addresses etc.) in the profile.

glo user profile

Support & Contacts

Inside the app, users can reach out the Contact Center whenever needed. We also made Contact information for Support always available.

glo support contacts

Invite friends

We added invitation functionality which enables customers to invite a friend to join an app or the Loyalty program via a link.

invite friends screen glo

Order Status

The status visibility feature enables users to track the status of current orders in the mobile application.

glo order status

Glo Bonus Club

With it, users can track available bonuses, ways to earn new bonuses & exchange them for glo products.

glo bonus club

Map of glo shops

We added a map of glo shops which allows customers to see places where they can buy glo products & select the nearest points of sale with the devices or sticks they need.

glo shops map

Why have we decided to build PWA instead?

After testing prototype with users &validating customers' business needs, we revealed new tech risks. It appeared that mobile app can’t fully meet user needs.

glo pwa

Website Redesign

To detect the website’s pain points & improve its conversion, we did UX research. Its scope included a website UX audit, interviews with call center employees, user interviews, and usability testing.

Website UX Audit

  • User Scenarios created

  • Design Principles checked

glo ux audit

Call-center Interviews

  • Website Efficiency

  • Customers’ Pains on the Website

  • Website Blind Spots

glo user types

Usability Tests

  • User Scenarios

  • Hypotheses Created & Checked

usability test for glo

General Report

  • Updated Prototype

  • List of current UX Problems

  • Technical Descriptions

  • Examples and Fast Fixes

glo device


8 types of research

  • Competitors & Market
  • GA & Website
  • PWA vs Mobile App
  • Benchmark & Telegram Bot
  • Find a specialist

21 Interviews

  • 8 interviews with stakeholders
  • 10 deep user interviews
  • 3 interviews with employees of the call-center

2 Workshops

  • Offline Vision Workshop with stakeholders
  • Prioritization session with BAT stakeholders

400% Revenue Increase

  • After the website redesign, the customers noticed a 400% increase in revenue (online sales).

Client's review

Thanks to the efforts of Fulcrum team, the company was able to gain valuable insight into the proposal, detected critical issues, and helped us prioritize what to do next.

Olga Belova

Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Ukraine