Fulcrum is looking for a VP of Sales to join our project!

Fulcrum is looking for a VP of Sales to join our company.

About Fulcrum: We’re a team of tech-savvy, creative & passionate IT professionals. We’ve created a vibrant and performance-driven culture for ourselves where everyone is free to think & act outside the box. There are literally no limits to what you can do here, as long as we WOW our clients and OVER deliver what we promise. 

Separate Sales Vertical
Establish a new vertical within the company to meet revenue targets. The ideal scenario involves creating a vertical focused on outstaffing services in the healthcare sector for mature and enterprise-level companies. However, we are open to various setups based on the vertical leader's background, network, and vision for accelerating revenue growth.

Main responsibilities:
— Utilize prior experience to create a comprehensive sales strategy targeting new services and markets, particularly focusing on outstaffing services for healthcare and enterprise-level companies;
— Conduct market research to identify potential clients, industry trends, and competitive landscape;
— Implement the sales strategy within the agreed deadlines, ensuring all activities are aligned with the company’s revenue goals;
— Oversee the development and execution of targeted outbound campaigns to generate leads and drive engagement;
— Recruit, onboard, and lead a high-performing sales team capable of executing the sales strategy and achieving set goals;
— Provide training, mentorship, and performance feedback to team members to ensure continuous improvement and success;
— Set and monitor sales targets, ensuring the team meets or exceeds revenue goals.

We offer:
— Flexible schedule & opportunity to work remotely;
— Workspace in Kyiv (kooperativ.cc) or opportunity to work full remotely;
— Opportunity to boost your professional & personal growth;
— Every employee has an education budget of 500$ per personal year;
— Regular team gathering activities;
— Friendly & open team who have fun creating cool projects together;
— Medical insurance full coverage;

How we operate:
— We promise dramatic professional growth & interesting work;
— Bring ideas that will change how Fulcrum operates, and you will receive our gratitude and rewards;
— Your opinion matters. Fulcrum is not a typical ’bureaucratic company, and our employees are our core value;
— Your compensation grows with your responsibility zone;
— If something doesn’t go smoothly or can be simplified, just let us know — you are welcome to do so;
— You have a say in everything we do, starting from the roadmap, creating requirements, sprint planning, etc.;
— If you feel that everything above is about you, get in touch. We’re always glad to welcome stubborn, enthusiastic, and result-oriented buddies to our team.


Remote job

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