UX audit
of your product


We’ll uncover your product’s usability gaps & develop actionable UX recommendations to maximize your ROI, user retention and lifespan of your app


Why make UX audit?

How we do
UX audits?

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    We wipe clean all the info about you & your competition. If someone wasn’t satisfied with your app before - rest assured, we will find out why.

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    Checking against
    100+ UX criteria

    With our own UX checklist in Notion, we check whether your product complies with the usability heuristics by Jacob Nielsen. It includes best practices for typography, mobile UX, fields and forms, and so much more.

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    User Portraits & Scenarios

    Based on your product goals, we create user portraits to see whether the app satisfies their needs. Then, we recreate a user journey, as if we are your customers who follow specific goals on your website. Expect lots of insights at this stage.

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    Reviews & Analytics

    We go all-in into your App Store and Google Play reviews - finding everything that makes your users satisfied or dissatisfied. Our UX designers also analyze support tickets to see what issues users struggle with.

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    Wireframes & Tech tasks

    At the end, you receive a document with all the findings and UX issues we’ve uncovered. Also, we create wireframes to show you how UX problems can be fixed permanently.

What`s [ inside ] UX Audit?

what's inside ux

Free UX audit checklist

[100+ UX criteria in Notion template]

Free UX audit checklist

Not sure whether your product needs UX audit? Well, with our free checklist you can check. We`ve collected 100+ UX criteria and packed them into one Notion template. For each criterium, we added description, examples & recommendations.

How it works?

  • Duplicate the checklist to your workspace

  • Go to criteria you want

  • Check your product’s UX

  • Place the cards into ‘YES/NO’ columns

  • 'NO' cards are those that you must improve

UX Audit packs

  • Small

    2990 $

    • checkmark~15 pages analyzed
    • checkmark1 user portrait
    • checkmark2 user behavior scenarios
    • checkmark~10 wireframes
  • Medium

    4990 $

    • checkmark~30 pages analyzed
    • checkmark2 user portrait
    • checkmark4 user behavior scenarios
    • checkmark~20 wireframes
  • Large

    7490 $

    • checkmarkall pages analyzed
    • checkmark3 user portrait
    • checkmark6 user behavior scenarios
    • checkmark~30 wireframes
  • [ ]
    [they say size doesn’t matter, in our case – it does]

    What our clients say?




    1. When should I do UX audit?

    Design audits can be done reactively & proactively. Reactively – before a major redesign of your product/website or in case you’re having low conversion & user engagement rates. Also, UX audits can be performed proactively, like once every 2 years, to check whether the product still meets its user needs & basic usability principles.

    2. Which pack is better for me?

    The UX audit pack suitable for you depends on the size of your product, depth of the UX research needed to be done & your business needs at the moment. The bigger your project – the larger pack you may need. Our UX packs differ by the number of pages analyzed, user scenarios & wireframes created.

    3. Do you need users for UX audit?

    No, users are not required for performing UX audit. It is usually done by UX designers who analyze your product against generally accepted UX standards & practices. As a rule, users are involved during usability testing when they actually use the product & give their feedback regarding it.

    4. Who will work on UX audit?

    Mainly, UX audits are performed by UX designers, although sometimes UX researchers and UI designers can also be involved. Everything depends on the size of the project analyzed & your goals. UX audits with greater scope might sometimes require assistance of a Project Manager or a Design Lead.

    5. What’s after UX audit?

    UX audit is only the first step of improving your product’s performance. Based on the list of UX recommendations we provide, you can redesign your product implementing the fixes and proceed to development. UX audit findings might also allow you to shape & build new strategy for your product development.