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The Problem

Founders of Hyfa worked with a different vendor before, however they were not happy with the results. The initial product was buggy, had poor logic and numerous bugs. Thats’s when they approached Fulcrum asking to take over the project.


What's HYFA?

Choosing the perfect product is a challenge. Most people trust their friends and not some reviews on the Internet.
Hyfa Ltd came up with a unique solution — something in between of Instagram and an ordinary marketplace — a platform where people can share their favourite products of a specific niche and demographic. Users can tag their newest purchases and give real, unsolicited recommendations to their followers. We wanted to simplify the customer journey by creating a product’ model by removing the middle agents and allowing users to access products directly.

Goals & Challenges

Project goals

We aimed to build a social networking platform with in-app direct links to shops and products. The user interface had to be self-explainable and very intuitive. UI/UX solutions needed to ensure consistency, usability and authenticity of the app.

  • Create a scalable architecture
  • Build a cross-platform mobile app
  • Design simple-in-use app’s interface

Fulcrum's Work

Improved Performance

Not only can you post on Hyfa, but also immediately share your post to famous social networks. Originally, the app was written on Firebase. So, to ensure consistent app’s logic and better performance, we developed Node.js backend of the platform from scratch.


Clickable Tags

We aimed to build a social networking platform with in-app direct links to shops and products. This means you can tag any product on your photo and add a specific link where you acquired it. A multi-linking feature allows you to add extra information to the photos and leave up to 10 links for each picture.


Smart Feed

A smart feed that’s made up of the posts with your favourite categories and profiles you follow.


Personal Profiles

Create a personal profile, tell more about yourself and show off your favorite products.


UI Design

In our approach, we focus on simplicity, style and usability. Bright colors and stylish fonts are our visual accents. For greater usability, we aimed to make the navigation as simple and quick as possible.

We also developed a custom UI for creating posts with tags that, when clicked on, take users to the product that the curator has tagged in the photo. With Hyfa, users can share things they like with minimal efforts and maximal pleasure. Our goal was to develop a self-explainable and simple-in-use app's interface for users to share their favourite products & experiences.



Tech Stack


Client's Review

Fulcrum team has managed to create a robust product with completely new backend and UI design. You can view client's feedback right below.

“Their communication skills and the processes they have in place are incredibly well suited to startups. The team really gets what we are trying to do. They understand that we have massive time constraints and that this product is our baby.”


Bruno Haag

Co-founder at Hyfa