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About MyDX

MyDX, a startup targeting recurrent UTIs, partnered with Fulcrum to upgrade the design of their mobile app. The company caters to women aged 18-55 dealing with persistent UTI issues. Their mission is to offer world-class care at home, focusing on the patient, and providing accurate and fast test results within 24 hours.

The mobile app helps users order a UTI test, track its delivery, and receive results quickly. Its success is crucial for the startup, and we were delighted to collaborate on this project.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

At first we focused on target audience and their needs. It was important to map out user flow that aligned with stakeholders’ expectations. The Design stage involved creating a visually appealing landing page, redesigning the app for improved usability, and developing marketing materials to support the product launch.

1. Develop new branding for myDX
2. Redesign & simplify app’s UI
3. Create compelling landing page & Marketing materials

Fulcrum's Work

Brand Identity

Using violet and yellow gradients, along with Midjourney illustrations, we aimed to make MyDX seem innovative, and friendly. We carefully chose these colors, fonts, and images to show MyDX as reliable and creative in healthcare. Being trustworthy is important, since patients rely on myDX for vital information. That’s what we wanted to address.


Brand Session

We worked closely with the client, holding workshops together to hear their ideas and preferences. Workshops are an amazing tool to capture essential information and vision of different stakeholders.

vision workshop


Landing Page

Creating a great landing page was vital to get people's attention and make them take action. Fulcrum made a visually attractive page that explained the benefits of MyDX's solution well. Our designers used simple structure, clear buttons to act, and easy navigation. The goal was to get and keep visitors interested.


Trustworthy & Relatable Look

In just one month, app was completely transformed. Not only we simplified user flows, but made it visually appealing, trustworthy and reliable, which was the major task in creating myDX design.

Simplified Flows

In a few simple taps, users can now order test kits, track progress, and get results in a PDF format quickly. Additionally, the app makes it easy to communicate with doctors, book appointments, and explore treatment options if needed.

UX best practices

Thanks to simple navigation, illustrations and animations, it’s easy for the user to complete the desired action and get all the needed information in no time.

3D Animations

Captivating 3D Animations

3D animations bring life to the app and provide a quick overview of the order status simultaneously.



The partnership between MyDX and Fulcrum shows how working together can bring big changes. The app got a makeover that not only met its goals but also set a new standard in healthcare tech.

1.Functional UI in Record Time
2.Smart 3D Animations
3.Streamlined UX Flow
4.Finally, exceeding Client Expectations