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Project Length:

2 years

Main Tech Stack:






About the Project

New ProImage is a leading solutions developer of innovative Newspaper and Magazine Production workflow, color management & other products. The company has developed solutions for publishers and printers for over 25 years.

For New ProImage we developed an intuitive platform for renting publishing equipment. Now their clients can view detailed reports on any production server, for any given time period.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

We had to develop a platform with features compatible with the original NewProImage system that provides a one-stop experience for the user by allowing them to track and manage the state of the publishing equipment, its premises, cloud computers, and software.


So, our desired outcomes for the platform included:

    1. Change & enhance the product with dynamic and live reports, server and license monitoring
    2. Create simple and intuitive designs for the introduced features & reports
    3. Provide technical documentation and tutorials for deployment
    4. Ensure the support of multiple instances of the product



Fulcrum's Work

Platform features

Integrated Report System

We created a convenient & flexible report system to keep users updated on the state and flow of the production.

Working Panel

We provided advanced filters on the working panel to simplify and optimize the user experience.

newproimage working panel

S/W Management

NewProImage users can easily manage S/W setups right through JSON files.

newproimage S/W management

Hardware Monitoring

Users can monitor the state of their servers and view historical reports by installing our windows native service-monitoring agent app.

newproimage hardware monitoring

Dynamic XML Reports

Users can get and view dynamic reports based on XML files whenever and wherever they want.

Data auditing

With data audits, all errors are automatically sent to admins to address

Quick Parsing

On the platform, thousands of files can be quickly parsed to ensure timely reports.


Tech Stack



New-made solutions have helped countless clients streamline their production processes, resulting in greater efficiency and quality. Some of valued clients include:

The New York Times

Highly regarded newspaper known for its accurate, balanced reporting and Pulitzer-winning journalism.


The Washington Post

A highly respected newspaper known for its award-winning journalism and comprehensive coverage of politics and culture.


Reinische Post

German newspaper founded in 1946, based in Düsseldorf. It covers news, politics, sports, culture, and regional affairs.


News UK

A British media company that publishes several well-known newspapers, including The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun.


Investor’s Business Daily

An American newspaper and website focused on business, finance, and the stock market, with a reputation for providing in-depth analysis and research.