NextStop – a relocation platform for physicians
nextstop app


Project length:

~5 months

Main Tech Stack:




TypeScript & more

Goals & Challenges

About the project



NextStop is a US-based platform for relocating physicians & their families where they can search for realtors, educators & mortgage lenders, communicate directly, and access helpful materials for free.

Over the time, NextStop got outdated, its conversion and retention decreased. So, we were to completely revamp platform’s UI&UX and enhance its performance with new features.


Why to redesign the old platform?

NextStop team had multiple issues to address – from poor navigation and incomplete user journey to security gaps. They kept the app from working at full capacity.



As the platform had to be running live all the time, we were to implement any new functionality in a smooth way not to cause inconveniences for its users.

Boost retention rate


One of the goals was to raise user engagement and retention inside the platform. To achieve it, we had to focus on design-related issues first.

nextstop wireframes

Refresh UI&UX


We also had to run a complete design revamp of the platform, reworking its fonts, colors, buttons, & other UI elements.

NextStop uiux

Improve performance


We needed to enhance NextStop’s performance overall – by outlining platform’s business flow & adding significant functionality like a map with pins, user roles, statistics & payments, security measures & more.

NextStop screen

Fulcrum's work

We started with reviewing the existing materials, analyzing competitors, and conducting a tech research.




From the UI/UX perspective, the team revealed various issues on the platform linked to 3 main categories:

  • deficient user flows

  • confusing UI

  • messy navigation


01. Polishing UI

First, we were to make NextStop appealing and easy-to-use with a full design revamp.

NextStop flow

Shift to minimalism

Our designers created UI concepts and a unique UI kit for NextStop. We stuck to minimalistic interface which is fast, intuitive, and engaging.


NextStop flows 2

Dynamic flows

The team added elements with rounded shapes which helped us make user flow more dynamic.


New color palette

We chose 3 main colors (green, purple, orange) that emphasize the senses of well-being and comfort typically associated with relocation.

NextStop color palette

Clean typography

Besides, we switched to sans serif font, as its clean lines and sharp edges render out more clearly and increase legibility for users.

NextStop typography

02. Refining UX

Before we took the project, NextStop didn’t have distinctive user journey, which impacted its overall efficiency and convenience. So, we elaborated two main user roles and outlined their flows.


Physicians, who need to relocate & use the platform to find the most tailored option. Inside the platform, they can hire a relocation agency, get advice from experts, or talk to service providers right in the app.

physicians nextstop

Service providers

Realtors, financial advisors, mortgage lenders who offer their services to help find the perfect spot. They have their profiles pinned on the map with info about their services, can also find & manage relocation requests, as well as track business results.

Healthcare service providers


03. Enhancing features

nextstop features

Interactive map

The map allows users to find the perfect spot easier & faster. To make it more intuitive, we’ve added categorizing feature with special pins marked by unique colors.

nextstop map


We’ve revised & updated platform’s business model. Now, users can have a one-year free trial period which allows exploring, contacting, sharing businesses, and more.

nextstop subscription


To make users enjoy their experience in the app, we amplified navigation & shifted focus to interactive buttons and simpler categorization.

nextstop navigation

nextstop analytics

Business analytics

We added analytics with advanced filters so that users can check the number of website clicks, business views, and more.

payment history

Payment history

Payment history functionality helps businesses track their revenue and control money flows.

nextstop security


The team also added lacking security measures: confirmation emails, expiring links, password and login change as well as options to delete an account & change sign-up credentials.


Tech stack


  • React
  • Next.js
  • Redux


  • Node.js


  • Google Maps API
  • Google Places
  • Stripe
  • Google Auth
  • Facebook Auth


  • Dmytro Laponog, PM
  • Karyna Zaslavska, PM
  • Kseniia Chernoskutova, BA
  • Nataliia Olekshii, BA
  • Volodymyr Riabchenko, designer
  • Andrew Herluk, designer
  • Eugene Khizhnyakov, back-end
  • Kirill Frolenkov, front-end
  • Valeriia Drahomirova, QA
  • Iryna Bryk, account manager
  • Oleksandr Kyrylchenko, devOPS

What's now

Shortly after our redesign, NextStop platform has already signed its first customers, demonstrated greater performance, and received positive feedback from its users.



businesses registered on the platform


people using the platform