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About The Project

Our client Plannly Health is a data-centric tool designed to assess human risks within healthcare systems. The platform carefully detects and notifies early signs of employee burnout, such as inadequate resources, demanding workloads, persistent stress, and employee turnover.

The creators of Plannly have connected with Fulcrum to handle the user interface design for their upcoming product.

Despite the platform's intricate features, our objective was to make it as straightforward and efficient as we could.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

Plannly already had branding in place, but we needed to refresh it and make the brand materials more consistent. On top of that, we were required to create and build a marketing website for Plannly and design a pitch deck for their fundraising.

  • Design an intuitive and simplistic web platform as fast as we can.
  • Create a marketing website that appeals to users.
  • Update Plannly’s branding.
  • Develop prototypes and a pitch deck.
Fulcrum's Work


We have begun by creating user flows for each user role on the platform. Thanks to this, we can design a streamlined experience for users.

Here's how the flow looks for employees on the platform.


Dashboard for companies

From a design perspective, the company dashboard was rather complex.

This complexity arose because there was a need to present numerous analytics and statistics. These are related to the team's emotional state, assessment completion, and benefit usage. Right below, you'll find a brief demo of the dashboard.



Employees complete self-assessments on their well-being, stress level, and more. Here’s a glimpse of how it appears within the platform.



Employee's Flow

An employee gets notified when the new survey is launched. Employees receive incentives for filling-in surveys like Amazon gift cards. In order to create the most simplistic flow possible, we interviewed our friends who used similar tools in different enterprises.


Marketing Website

The goal was to create a clean and a simple website, clearly explaining the concept of Plannly to the visitors.


Prototypes & Pitch Deck

Another goal for Plannly was to secure a new round of investment. Consequently, we designed a pitch deck and developed clickable prototypes. This allowed the founders of Plannly to present these materials to investors during their product pitch.



Plannly successfully raised more funds and we couldn’t be happier working on this project.

  • $1.2M investments raised.
  • Wonderful presentation at Collision Toronto.
  • Fresh new look for Plannly platform