Plannly - Event Planning Tool



Mobile (iOS, Android)

Project length:

3-6 months

Main tech stack:


React Native





About the project

For Plannly, we had to create a cross-platform mobile app that would allow users to plan their social gatherings & events in 3 simple steps. In short, its customers should be able to easily plan Where (location/venue), When (date/time), and What (type of event) they want to do.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

Develop a mobile app

Build a performative cross-platform mobile app that would help people plan their meetings and events in minutes & without extra effort.


Ensure smooth UX

Plannly’s user experience was of the utmost importance. It had to provide a very simple and straightforward approach with users completing just 3 simple steps before sending an invite.


Create intuitive UI

We were to create a user interface that mimicked the very simple and easy-to-complete user flow. So, we focused on a minimalist design with few distractions, a clear direction, and an organized look.

Fulcrum's Work


Plannly is here to break down virtual borders and bring humans together again with social event planning. Good social relationships are the best predictor of a happy life. We can make a greater impact united together when we prioritize face-to-face interactions.


Ui Kit

The UI kit for Plannly embodies the brand's core values of human connection and the importance of interactions.


Platform Features

Smooth Onboarding

We’ve created a self-explanatory, quick & simple onboarding to teach users how to use the app.

Sign-up & Profile

Users can easily sign up and create their profile or log in to the already existing one.

Event Calendar

We’ve added a calendar for personalized & universal events where users can plan and track their activities.

Event Types

There are various types of events inside Plannly, so users can categorize everything properly.

Smart Locating

A convenient location auto-population feature to pick the best venue for the users.


The app syncs up with Google & hand-delivers the best places within a 15 mile radius

Link Sharing

We’ve also created functionality for universal & personalized link sharing to make sharing Plannly easier.


Tech Stack


Client's Feedback

‘Communication is one of the best things about our partnership. That was one of the things why I decided to work with Fulcrum.’


Earl Harris

Founder & CEO at Plannly