ReechR - Meet People Nearby



iOS & Android

Project length:

< 6 months

Main tech stack:

React Native






About the project

Reechr is a geolocalized social network that helps people to connect with each other both online and offline based on their shared interests and location.


For Reechr, we’ve developed a mobile React Native application with an advanced content feed, in-app messaging, event organizing & scheduling, and a smart matching algorithm that allows users to meet others based on common interests and passions.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

Our client wanted to create an app that would help people find more friends and more fruitful social contacts, on the web and in real life, by making contacts easier, more targeted, and less intimidating.


So, the product was focused on making encounters between people sharing the same interests or having complementary interests more simple, more flexible, and more instantaneous.


Hence, our task was to build a geolocalized social network that helps people connect online or meet offline with other people based on shared or complementary Interests.

Fulcrum's Work

Step 1. Discovery

Discovery Phase for reechr was a scoping phase. Our main goal was to research and plan the project. During the discovery stage, we checked if your product concept is viable, feasible, and usable.


During discovery, we:

  • formed Product Vision, Roadmap, and Risks
  • defined product’s architecture & tech stack
  • created interactive prototype & UI design

Step 2: Design


Design Concepts

Designing a social network app required a creative exploration of 16 design concepts, each featuring a distinct blend of colors, icons, buttons, and gradients. The goal was to develop a visually appealing and intuitive interface that invites users to engage and connect.

UI Kit

The UI kit was carefully curated with a color palette that captures the youthful spirit of the target audience. The warm and vibrant hues evoke the feeling of a sunset, complemented by playful pastels and cool neutrals for balance.


Step 3. Development

1. Creating a profile

Users register and add their interests, location & other details.

2. Smart Feed

Based on users’ interests and location, the Reechr News Feed offers content from app members geographically close to you who share the same passions.

3. User Chat

Next, users can exchange on the subjects that they are passionate about, and easily meet those who vibrate with them.


Tech Stack



  • Creating MVP under tight deadlines

  • Compelling UI

  • Quickly received user feedback.