Sports360 - CRM for a Sports Agency




Tech Stack

Retool, Apify


About Project

Sports360 GmbH, a consulting agency based in Germany, specializes in placing professional football players with clubs worldwide.


Sports360 struggled to manage their operations using only WhatsApp, causing inefficiencies and disorganization due to the platform’s limitations. This led to time wasted on manual searches for information and missed opportunities. It definitely impacted speed, caused mismatching of players and clubs.


Fulcrum partnered with Sports360 to create a custom CRM platform. The goal was to improve processes, manage data better, and simplifying player-club matching.

Goals & Challenges

Project Goals

The main goals were to make data collection easier, improve player-club matching, and boost operational efficiency. This meant gathering all player and club data in one place, making better player suggestions, and creating a user-friendly interface for the team.


  1. Collect all data about players and clubs in 1 custom-made CRM
  2. Improve player-club matching
  3. Boost operational efficiency and speed
  4. Create user-friendly interface
Fulcrum's Work


Fulcrum leveraged Retool, Google Cloud Platform, PostgreSQL, and Apify to develop the CRM platform. The platform facilitated secure login, centralized database management, advanced search functionalities, and intuitive data visualization for efficient decision-making.

The system comprised two user roles:


Admin Role

Admin is responsible for parsing player and club data into the CRM, managing club entries, and overseeing overall database management.


Agent Role

On the other hand, an agent has a granted access to view player and club information, filter and search data, comment, make inquiries, and view potential matches based on filters.




The team successfully developed the product within just 1.5 months, showcasing their efficiency and dedication. With a meticulously mapped-out user flow, the platform's design prioritized user experience, ensuring intuitive navigation and seamless interaction.

Fulcrum turned the idea of the app into reality in the exact way we wanted it to be.With weekly meetings, nice and productive communication we established the idea of an app, that eases the communication of players transfer relevant info with every agent out of the agency. Fulcrum turned the idea of the app into reality in the exact way we wanted it to be.

Josh Bartels

Data Analyst, Sports360