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Project length:

5,5 months

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Goals & Challenges

About the project

VUC^it is a digital coach that strengthens your social, emotional and creative skills to master remote work. Based on users’ onboarding and testing, it offers you personalized tasks & challenges to achieve progress faster.


The Problem

Since 2020, work life has changed a lot. Digitalization, regular lockdowns & Covid-19 work conditions created the new normal:

By the year 2025

Employees will have to modify up to 44% of their skillset due to the dominating digital work.


*WEF Future of Jobs, 2020

work from home

Inevitable Changes

Up to 25% of workers admitted a need to change their line of work.


*PwC Survey on Workforce of the Future

covid influence

Going Remote

Half of all employees will work remotely after COVID-19.


*Gartner for HR: Future of Work Trends Post-COVID-19

working remote

The Idea

The main goal was to create a mental & skill self-training application to empower users to excel professionally in the new digital world!


Ticket to the Future

The vision behind the product was to create scientifically based, accompanied self-learning for the new world of work, using agile methods and principles from design thinking, behavioral sciences and positive psychology.


Why VUC^it?

VUC^it helps individuals deal with insecure and complex working environments.

Digital Coach

VUC^it helps to master digital and remote work through personalized tasks & challenges based on users’ onboarding and testing.

Soft Skills Trainer

The app provides training tools to help users strengthen their core soft skills.


Mental Instructor

VUC^it allows you to maintain your mental health and prevents burning out & separation issues.

Collaboration Tutor

With VUC^it app, users can practice new forms of collaboration with regular coaching.

Fulcrum's Work

The Approach

Detailed Project Estimation

We estimated development costs & time per feature and the team’s workload to help minimize the costs. Also, we created a custom project Roadmap and pessimistic & optimistic time scenarios to give our client realistic time frames.


Goal-based Functionality Set Up

To achieve the client’s goals and create a great VUC^it experience, we developed all the necessary functionality & feature set.

Custom-fit Technology Selection

We selected the tech stack that meets VUC^it business goals & an admin panel for smooth operation & client convenience.

vucit app roadmap

What's Inside?

Train Your Core-7 Soft Skills

• VUC^it customly generates challenges for each business partner based on its needs & requirements.


• So, employees train their Core-7 soft skills with VUC^it training program tailored individually for that specific company.

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Solve Daily VUC^it Challenges

VUC^it tasks within the challenge can be individual (Me VUC^it), shared with other friends (Buddy VUC^it) and community (Community VUC^it).

vucit challenges

Engage with the VUC^it Community

Community includes a section with answers from other users connected through tasks & challenges. Users can comment, share and support each other throughout the training.

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Grow Together with Your VUC^it Buddy

Buddy VUC^it – tasks that you do with a friend/colleague. They can be sent externally via dynamic links. After receiving the dynamic link, a user downloads the app and immediately gets on the task.

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Be VUC^it Inspired & Succeed

Inside the app, users can access the feed with inspirational content to stay motivated during the whole training. There are additional sets of tasks like meditation, relaxation and breathing to help keep work & life balance.

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Tech stack

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Client's Review

Today, VUC^it is recharging its business strategy and working on its B2B focus. Among its clients are Allianz, SBB CFF FFS, Schindler & others.

“We chose Fulcrum for their flexibility, dedication, professionalism & actually, the availability of the resources whenever needed”


Florian Haussmann

Co-Founder & CTO, VUC^it